Welcome to Vie

Vie Wellbeing is a modern wellness platform offering meditation, movement and multi-sensory pop-up experiences. MoveWell, coming soon.

Due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in as a global community we will be focusing on what we can do to serve. We will be live streaming free meditation classes and offering our Meditation to Go app at a special cost.


Live IGTV meditation classes + Meditation to Go app

Join us live for our streaming meditation classes on IGTV twice a week Mondays and Wednesday mornings at 9am starting April 8th and an evening Yoga Nidra practice Friday nights at 8pm.

We will also be offering “Meditation to go” at a special cost of $15 for 12 meditations you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you choose.

Meditation To Go

Practice anywhere, anytime with access to Vie's Guided Meditations


When you purchase "Meditation to Go" you immediately gain access to twelve 10-30 minute guided meditations and learn how to meditate to ensure the best results.


“I was fortunate to spend several summer mornings at the SleepWell by Vie pop-up in NYC. Within minutes, Julie and her team transformed my type-A, working mom universe into a state of blissful tranquility. It’s so easy to get caught up in the bustle of our busy lives. Vie reminded me to literally and figuratively stop for a breath. I highly recommend all that they have to offer and am so grateful for the experience.”

- Andrea

More Kind Words from our Clients

“Since I began meditating with Julie I have manifested many of my dreams. She jump started a sleepy engine and I’m forever grateful for her love + guidance!”

FrancescaSocial Entreprenuer

“Julie’s teaching style and soothing disposition have changed my hesitation towards meditation. She’s given me this special skill that’s changed the way I approach each day and manage stress. My mind feels free, and my path to my goals has become crystal clear. ”

JodiPrivate Chef

“My daughter and I began a meditation practice under Julie’s guidance. She is a very patient, supportive and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you Julie for getting us started.”


Create your healthiest and happiest life.

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