3 Reasons Your Kids Should Learn to Meditate

  If your child is curious about your meditation practice, or has heard about meditation, try guiding them toward their own daily practice. It could help them evolve into responsible, productive and happy human beings. Meditation releases tension in the mind, according to a growing number of studies, and with a relaxed mind, we don’t … Read More

Top Teas for Soothing Anxiety

Overbooked and a little anxious? Tame your tension with tea. Eastern cultures have always consumed tea for health and wellness purposes and the West is catching on. Just the act of pouring a cup of hot tea is calming, as it cues you to slow down and savor the sip. Try these anxiety-fighting teas to … Read More

Sitting Can Drain Brain Power and Stifle Creativity

“Sitting is the new smoking,” according to Dr. James Levine, of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative. Levine is the author of, Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It, and the inventor of the treadmill desk. Levine believes that sitting is a bigger public health problem than smoking. Luckily, … Read More

5 Ways to Do Good & Feel Good: Fast, Free, & From Your Desk

Compassion, in addition to making an incredible difference to those around you, is also one of the greatest secrets to health and happiness (as I described in this post). We know that helping others makes us feel good, but sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to engage in any kind of altruism. There is so … Read More

The 4 Secrets to Increasing Your Team’s Productivity

All managers would like their teams to be more productive. Yet most companies are using the same old methods: strategic plans, goal-setting, streamlining operations, reducing inefficiency. Others are offering employee perks, such as on-site food, daycare, or gyms. Others are offering bigger bonuses or flexible schedules. Kim Cameron and his colleagues at the University of … Read More

Back to School Inspiration for Grown Ups: How to Succeed at Work

No matter how old you are, doesn’t September always feel like back-to-school time? A fresh backpack and some new classmates always made you feel like you’re starting a brand new chapter each fall. Maybe you’re not doing Algebra in the classroom anymore, but those fond back-to-school habits can be reimagined as adult learning moments to … Read More

Returning to an Unchanged Place Reveals How You Have Changed

Nelson Mandela said famously, “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to see the ways that you yourself have changed.” When was the last time you made a pilgrimage back to a very familiar place and realized all the various ways that you had metamorphized since the last time you were there? Why … Read More

What Email Does to Your Brain

Have you ever been in a situation in which you were feeling great until you received an email out of the blue that completely upset your day? How does it feel to receive 30 such emails first thing in the morning? Stress Research shows that just looking through your inbox can significantly increase your stress levels … Read More

5 Things You Need for Ultimate Well-being

Creating a healthy, thriving life is no small challenge. There are endless variables in constant motion that shape our day-to-day existence. To achieve and maintain truly sustainable well-being, we need to keep in mind these five crucial aspects of life: Career, social, financial, physical and community. These core categories are important because they help to … Read More

How to Be Your Own, Best Motivational Coach

It’s 8 am on Monday, do you know where your motivation is?  While a motivational coach can be inspiring, how about relying on your own sweet self?  Here are six ways to do just that: Write It Down Pen a love letter to your life.  Write down all the things that are going right, from … Read More

How to Meditate for Little Bits of Stress Free Living

We are all so busy, our lives spilling over with our “to do lists,” family commitments, and work. There will always be something else to do or another distraction. Start by committing to a daily meditation practice of at least five minutes, and you’ll start to see positive changes in your life. Over time, each … Read More

The Power of Positive Feedback

I recently wrote about the importance of receiving — and how letting in good stuff is often more difficult than giving. But this is not to minimize the value and power of extending ourselves in generous ways to others. How often have we felt devalued, unappreciated, and criticized? A basic human need is to be valued, seen, … Read More

How To Be As Sharp and Calm As A Yogi

It’s one thing to change your mind, but a brand new study actually shows that meditation can literally change your mind matter.  This matters, because the subtle practice of meditation can support better memory, more confidence, more compassion, and steady stress management. For the first time, studies are showing a direct, scientific map back to … Read More

A Simple Cure to Impulsive Overspending

If you, like many, impulsively spend and then regret it, there is a simple cure. Gratitude. A study recently published in Psychological Science shows that an attitude of gratitude tempers impulsive urges. In the study, participants had the option of choosing 54 dollars now, or 80 dollars in a month.The researchers then induced moods of … Read More

Bored? Good! 3 Reasons Why Boredom is Healthy

“I’m booooored!” That saying may harken back to your childhood, but when was the last time you were truly bored?  Health and happiness are greatly affected by allowing for some mental downtime.  Here’s why boredom is healthy and how to get more of it into your life. Get Bored for Bright Ideas According to a … Read More

Overcoming Shame:The Powerful Benefits of a Little Self-Love

Are you highly self-critical? Do you beat yourself up over failures? Do you work too much and push too hard without giving yourself time to breathe? Do you feel the need to compete, outperform others, and move ahead of the pack? Do you live with shame or a sense of not being good enough? We live in … Read More

3 Yoga Poses to Help You Get More Sleep

You must sleep to be healthy and happy! Because of the risks associated with not getting enough sleep, such as illness and lack of healing, and the benefits of getting quality rest, like strong immunity and mental focus, we are seeking natural solutions for sleep more than ever before. No one wants to be a … Read More

How to Meditate: A Beginners Guide

Meditation will change your life, if you let it. The pace of our modern life is at least ten times what it was just 10 years ago. Technology improved our lives, but also created a more frenetic and stressful pace. If we decided to stop, breathe, and become more mindful, we would reduce stress and … Read More

6 Ways to Take Control

Living life is can be very challenging at times. Getting the hang of what works for you and what doesn’t may take a very long time. Sometimes you get confused and frustrated by what you’re doing, or where you’re going. You may try to follow your own wisdom, but there are times when your internal … Read More

Well-being Is the New Power Meeting

Happy employees often mean a happy workplace.  Research shows that an employee’s feelings of well-being are big factor in employee satisfaction. For a healthier and more productive work place, ditch the conference room, restaurant, or bar for your next power meeting! Instead, boost employee well-being with these healthier alternatives. Walk (or Picnic) in the Park … Read More

5 Big Reasons Mindfulness Makes Your Life Better

Be “mindful,” but practice clearing your mind to do that. It can be confusing, but there is a real reason that freeing your mind to use your mind optimally is good for your health and wellbeing. Science now backs up the art of awareness, often practiced through mindfulness meditation, which helps you clear clutter from … Read More

Simple Ways to Be More Present in Our Everyday Lives

Waking Mindfully: What is your routine when you wake up? Hit the alarm clock and jump out of bed? Snooze button for half an hour? Waking is an important part of the day—you wouldn’t have much of a day without it! Honor this time with a refreshing mindfulness practice that feels right for you. For … Read More

The 12-Step Plan to Stay In Control of Holiday Spending

The competition for your holiday spending dollars is more intense than ever before, with serious sales underway before you finish your sweet potatoes. You know you want to be as generous as possible, but you’re feeling a little stressed out by money matters. The 12 Days of Christmas might be a holiday carol about what … Read More

How Not To Embarrass Yourself at Holiday Parties

You know the embarrassing person from the holiday party that causes high drama or makes for great gossip after the fact? Don’t be that person. In fact, your holidays will be happier if you get ready to shine, rather than embrace regret. Make It Hard to Get to the Bar  When you’ve had too much … Read More

Detox Your Negative Energy in 2016

Whine less and win more in 2016. You’ll discover more health and happiness, plus possibly realize your dreams! Be Positively Productive Persistent whining shrinks the hippocampus, a vital part of the brain for cognitive function and information retention. Problems with it can lead to brain cell death and boosted stress hormone levels, according to Stanford … Read More

How to Find Gratitude Everyday

At the Thanksgiving dinner table family and friends gather to give thanks for loved ones, health, kindness, a warm meal, and/or the ability to be together. But, gratitude can happen in any setting, at any time, and it’s important for your wellbeing to find it in your life, regularly. A range of studies show that … Read More

How to Drought-Proof Your Grocery Bill

California, in its fourth year of a historic drought, produces half of the nation’s fruits and veggies.  Will the lack of water on the west coast mean huge food costs for all?  Keep calm and eat on with this our three-step plan to drought-proof your grocery bill. Step 1:  Don’t Panic. Plan. According to the … Read More

3 Ways to Work Less and Be More Productive

  If you feel like you are getting less and less done at work, and you’re falling ever further behind, longer days and late nights might not be the answer. A boost of increased productivity might be exactly what you need to help you stay on task and get more done in less time, which … Read More

5 Mindful Living Practices That Can Prevent the Blues For Life

Take a page out of groundbreaking research to prevent the blues, naturally. A new study  found mindful therapy to be as effective as anti-depressants in some patients. Being mindful means living fully in the present – conscious of your life and what’s happening in it.  These actions are easier said than done, but not impossible. … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 60-something-plus

Your life has been a full schedule of work, kids, and commitments for decades. In these years, you have plenty of time to be active and more freedom than any 60-something generation before you. But, what do you do with all this free time on your hands? Here are 5 priorities to live out your … Read More

How To Catch a Cat Nap for More Brain Power

It’s 2pm and you can barely stay awake.  What to do?  Tap in to your toddler days and grab a nap. Science supports 20-30 minute cat napping for a whole host of health reasons, including mental focus.  So, if you’re feeling sleepy, here’s why you should give in and snooze for a bit. Napping Turbo … Read More

How to Boost Your Brainpower By Cooking for the Holidays

Sudoku is not your only option if you want to boost your brainpower. Studies show that you must exercise your brain to keep your brain’s “muscles” from getting weak, which also prevents conditions such as dementia. At the same time, you can enhance your brain’s capabilities, including memory and focus. If you love food already, … Read More

How Not to Get Hangry

  Hangry just made it into the urban dictionary, but chances are it’s a word you already know, because if you’ve ever been hungry enough to lose your cool, you’ve been hangry. As you may have figured, hangry is an amalgam of hungry and angry, and it happens when you go too long without eating. … Read More

How to Stop Your Mind From Wandering (When You Want It To)

Sure, when you need to be creative, let your mind roam free and formless on an exploration that is wild and curious.  How else do you come up with sparkling ideas and imagine the impossible? When you have to take action, though, it’s time to rein it in and stop your mind from wandering. Gather … Read More

5 Ways to Go “BE” Great

Admittedly, I’m known for this tag line.  It came to me many years ago while I was sitting in meditation repeating Gandhi’s words of wisdom . . . “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” As a person who struggled with inferiority complexes and addictive behaviors, I was no stranger … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 50-something

I’ll be honest, I’m a few years from turning 50, and I’m just starting to peel back the label on what this really means. What should I be doing in my 50s to keep growing and fulfill myself spiritually?  From my wise relatives and friends whose lives are enviable, I’m told it’s all about legacy … Read More

10 Troubling Facts About Antidepressants

The depression epidemic rages around us. Some 38 million American adults –our teachers, our lawyers, our cousins, our friends–struggle with depression. The WorldHealth Organization projects that by 2030, the amount of disability and life lost due to depression will be greater than that from war, accidents, cancer, stroke, or any other health condition besides heart … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 40-something

In your 40s, you’re on a personal path with a good idea of what rocks your world, spiritually. Your focus, once about taking it all in and figuring out what you want to be and do, is less about wide ranging exploration and more about soulful growth that is deep and enriching. 1. Deepen Your … Read More

If You Want To Change Your Life, Write Down Your Goals

If you want to bring out the best in yourself, take this big step: write down your goals. If you take the time to hone in on goals that you want to achieve now and in the long run, you can connect your actions to your purpose in life. How does writing it all down … Read More

The Importance of Being Alone

For many of us, alone is a negative state of being. Society doesn’t help us with this either; being alone often carries a social stigma, implying isolation, being on the outside. This perceived sense of aloneness seems to imply that being by one’s self is not volitional, that it’s not a choice we make but … Read More

6 Ways to Be More Positive Today and Everyday

Positive thinking helps combat stress, and less stress means fewer ill effects on the body and soul.  Everyday, more and more research shows that to be true! So, pump up the positive, beyond talk of the glass half full, and try these six ways to be more positive today – right away! Gratitude Journal Write … Read More

The Science Behind the Joy of Sharing Joy

Positive experiences happen to us everyday yet we don’t always take full advantage of them. Have you ever noticed that it could be a great day (you had 8 hours of sleep, it’s the weekend, had a great conversation with a friend etc…) but that it takes just one harsh word from someone or one piece … Read More

How To Be Healthy Without Becoming “That Person”

There’s a fine line between being healthy and turning up your nose at a birthday cake somebody lovingly baked for you. You don’t want to be “that person” – the one no one can be around because you’ve taken your health obsession to the point you don’t enjoy living freely anymore. You’re so rigid about … Read More

Life Is Too Short: 10 Things Not Worth Tolerating

What are you presently tolerating in your life? Are you a few pounds overweight; maybe you’re at a job you dislike, or so disorganized you can’t find anything, much less some time to sit and relax? In order to be happier, more productive, more resilient, and healthier, stop tolerating these 10 things today: Being Unhealthy.  With … Read More

The Paradox of Change: An Open Letter to Change Seekers

The Paradox of Change I hear you say things aren’t quite right these days, that you’re eager for change. And underneath that eagerness lies some fear. And underneath that fear, something deeply unknown. I recognize the courage it has taken you to tell me. Remember that courage when parts of you resist the changes you seek. Change … Read More

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs and Business Startups Should Journal

The first assignment I give my career coaching and consulting clients is to go out and purchase a journal. Not because I want to hear about what they made for dinner, but because I know they’re about to encounter a lot of information and emotions they’ll need to get out of their heads. For someone exploring career change … Read More

10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

I was inspired to write this blog post when my friend sent me an article from KevinMD.com called “Confessions of a Burnt-Out Physician.” Having experienced burnout myself, I’m keenly aware of the toll it takes on people who are trying to do good work in the world. Her story has stayed with me as I’ve gone on … Read More

Why Relationships Are Especially Good for Men

Many men (and women) have cold feet about committing to marriage or a long-term partnership. The men worry about turning into pot-bellied suburban dads taking out the trash and cleaning vomit-stained minivan backseats. They may fear that they’ll envy their single friends and miss out on trips to Las Vegas. And then there’s the supposedly gathering data suggesting that testosterone declines after parenthood. Is marriage effectively the … Read More

18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

Many of us have heard of meditation’s benefits. We may have even tried meditation once or twice. And many of us will have found it hard and concluded that “meditation is not for me.” But wait! Did you know there are many forms of meditation? There are mantra meditations, visualization meditations, open-focus meditations, breath-based meditations … Read More

Running Toward Fear: The Key to Reducing Anxiety

We all feel fear. If we didn’t, our species would have ceased to exist long ago. Fear signals us that something is wrong, that a risk of harm is present, or that we must fight or flee the situation. We survive because fear exists as a reaction. To understand fear, we must look to our histories … Read More

The Importance of Zest & Enthusiasm to Your Well-Being

“Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” Garth Brooks How do you feel each morning? Do you wake up feeling tired and depleted, or are you full of energy, ready to take on the day? That ability to feel engaged and activated, ready to start the day is not … Read More

How Desire Fools Us: The Benefits and Dangers of The Chase

Why do we love to chase? What is so intriguingly attractive about hard-to-get partners, Black Friday sales, and the very latest iPhone? Whether it’s for a trophy, a promotion, a slice at a popular pizza parlor, or Twitter followers, desire simply gets us all fired up. Anticipatory Joy A cat will chase a toy mouse because a good … Read More

Money Mindfulness: How to Do A 30-day Spending Cleanse

Could you spend nothing, not a red cent, for 30 days?  You have to pay the mortgage or rent and keep the lights on, but all those extras, lunches out, pedicures, new clothes, would be off limits on your dollar diet. A 30-day money cleanse is an eye opening look at spending habits. Here are … Read More

The Best Kept Secrets to Exceptional Productivity

Our culture has become one of compulsive overworking. An announcement that a 21-year-old Merril Lynch employee appears to have worked himself to death after 72 hours in the office is just one extreme example. Most “successful” people – whether they are start-up founders in Silicon Valley, university students, wealthy entrepreneurs, politicians, medical professionals, corporate lawyers and even … Read More

To Treat Depression, Drugs or Therapy?

You’re feeling down, and your doctor or therapist has confirmed it: You have depression. Now what? Until recently, many experts thought that your clinician could literally pick any antidepressant or type of psychotherapy at random because, with a few clinical exceptions, there was little evidence to favor one treatment over another for a given patient. … Read More

How Meditation Helps With Goal Setting

We’re all putting our goals in place for 2015. It’s a time of action. But, what if sitting still could help you do more than you ever thought possible? Meditation is gaining more respect as a tool for productivity and mental focus in today’s busy world, though, for 5,000 years, the yogis have meditated to … Read More

Swap 3 Toxic Co-Workers for Positive Ones and Get Ahead Faster

Remember when you were a kid and you hung out with the kid who was always getting in trouble in class? Your reputation with the teacher suffered, and those moments did little to advance your academic career. As an adult on the job, you need a great reputation to get ahead. Surround yourself with a … Read More

5 Surprising Techniques to Increase Your Creativity

Writers, advertising executives, entrepreneurs, and many other occupations require creativity in order to succeed. Trying to increase creativity by sitting at a desk or staring out the office window often doesn’t work. What strategies will improve your creativity? Walking. A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition (April 2014) found … Read More

How To Get Back On Track After the Holidays

The holidays have come and gone, but you can feel the season’s impact long after your last sip of eggnog.  Getting back on track doesn’t have to be daunting.  Life Coach Ginger Jenks, CEO of Magellan Enterprises says it begins with a “keystone habit.” Form A Keystone Habit “Don’t try to implement a bunch of … Read More

Why You Deserve a Break, From Yourself

Do you find that there is a critical voice in your head that follows you around all day and all night? It may pop up as you get out of bed (“Late again!”) or when you look in the mirror (“You look exhausted.”) Or maybe you notice it when you get to work. (“You never … Read More

3 Big Perfectionism Struggles for Women

I had a great conversation recently with a coaching client of mine about perfectionism. We are both recovering perfectionists and enjoyed tossing around old “war” stories about the problems perfectionism has created in our lives. Many of the women I coach will at some point or another face the fact that they, too, have been … Read More

How to Relax

There are a lot of relaxation techniques out there that we can all learn and practice. However, I have found that many of my clients (and myself) struggle with the way these are presented, and they also have problems motivating themselves to use them. In response to that, I researched the types of relaxation techniques … Read More

Why You Need to Light Up Your Life

Depression affects one out of five Americans and is poised to become the biggest source of worldwide disability. Why is depression reaching such epidemic proportions? One important, and overlooked, factor: the dreadful effects of modern lighting conditions. Our capacity for mood evolved in the context of a rotating Earth, with its predictable 24-hour cycle of … Read More

Five Ways Writing Can Make You Braver and Happier

“You wouldn’t believe how much joy and courage people find when they write about what really matters to them,” my friend Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg told me. We were talking about the writing workshop she had just led for people with serious illness, which included participants living with late-stage cancer, M.S., Parkinson’s, and other life-changing diagnoses. Caryn is no … Read More

5 Ways to Recognize & Reduce Holiday Stress

Despite entertaining, spending money on gifts, family pressures, high expectations, and travel, the holidays don’t have to be stressful! Here are five specific things you can do to recognize and reduce holiday stress. First: Know It When You Experience It As opposed to year-round stress caused by work and other things, holiday stress is caused … Read More

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

As social beings, we define who we are in part, by, and through the relationships we have. Most of us interact with an assortment of people on a daily basis, from our most intimate relationships to strangers on the street. Obviously, how involved we are with certain individuals will color the level and intensity of … Read More

Improve Addiction Recovery With Mindfulness

Addiction has generally been characterized as a chronic relapsing condition, causing physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, such as alcohol, or compulsive involvement in an activity, such as gambling. Current research data suggests that the lack of mindfulness may reinforce addictive behavior and furthermore, teaching mindfulness skills or practices may be one reason … Read More

I Wish I Could Concentrate But I Get Interrupted

Have you ever watched someone perform an activity with deep concentration? It is fascinating to observe. What allows people to have great concentration? 12 Qualities: 1. They are doing what they love to do. 2. They stay with it 3. They are not afraid to give themselves over to something completely 4. They relinquish distractions for a something that compels them deeply 5. They tolerate discomfort on … Read More

How to Be Mindful During the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is often the most stressful.  Why?  We try to cram too much (parties, decorating, shopping, baking, activities) into too little (about 30 days).  The secret to saner holidays?  Mindfulness. Mindfulness starts with learning to be present.  Notice what’s occurring in the moment: in your surroundings, mind, body, and … Read More

DIY: Make Your Own Meditation Space

A little meditation can mean big changes in your life, including better health, drastic stress relief, greater mental focus, and healthier relationships. No wonder doctors are actually starting to prescribe meditation to reduce symptoms related to disease and injury. Harvard research shows there is a scientific link between meditation and the ability to shift stress … Read More

3 Excellent Career Advice Resources for Job Seekers

Searching for career development resources can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are endless amounts of information online, but much of it is outdated or too general to be truly helpful. When clients ask me questions about resumes, cover letters, and job interviews, I often give them the homework assignment of exploring some of my favorite online resources. … Read More

How to Trust Your Gut and Use It Wisely

Butterflies in your stomach, a voice in your head, a sixth sense not to walk down a certain street…is gut instinct real?  Research says yes.  Here’s the science behind gut instinct and information on how to hone yours. What Gut instinct is the intersection of the brain and belly.  The brain perceives something (a sound, … Read More

5 Yoga Tips for Over-Achievers

If you’re grunting and gripping your way through a yoga class, trying to force your way into poses or go harder and faster than everyone else, you may be an over-achiever heading toward injury and missing the point of yoga entirely. Take a breath or two to rethink your yoga practice.  Here are five tips … Read More

Balance One Place On Your Body for Mental Clarity

Yogis believe subtle energy has as much to do with life balance as the more obvious actions of eating a balanced diet and balancing on your head.  A system called the “chakras” (literal Sanskrit translation: spinning wheels) corresponds to seven main whirling energy centers in your body. If your energy is blocked in any of … Read More

7 Discipline-Mastering Practices

A craftsman masters his trade by repeated practice, with care and continual learning, with devotion to the purpose. It takes the same kinds of things to master the craft of discipline: Repeated practice Single-minded devotion to the purpose Continual learning Care I’ve been giving some thought to what it takes to master the craft of … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Binge-Watching TV

Sometimes a Saturday night of binge watching your current TV show obsession feels so right and relaxing, but is it bad for your health?  Could the trend of watching entire seasons all at once of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards do more damage than good? According to a study released this … Read More

How Yogis (and You) Get Grounded In the Fall

You can literally feel things shifting come Fall. Very quickly, the still, hot, sticky summer gives way to a crisper air, falling leaves and an earth that seems to be moving beneath you when the wind whips through and leaves slide down the street or your umbrella blows away. Energetically, you could feel like a … Read More

Legal Marijuana for Parents, but Not Their Kids

When the antidrug educator Tim Ryan talks to students, he often asks them what they know about marijuana. “It’s a plant,” is a common response. But more recently, the answer has changed. Now they reply, “It’s legal in Colorado.” These are confusing times for middle and high school students, who for most of their young … Read More

How to Keep Calm on a Family Vacation

When parents and their kids embark on a vacation, expenses and expectations can lead to heightened friction and anxiety in the form of irritability, tense conflicts and even tears.  Here are some simple tips to avoid trip tensions and create more joyous and loving family time on your getaway. 1. Expect Stress Vacation tension that … Read More

Do Brain Workouts Work? Science Isn’t Sure

For a $14.95 monthly membership, the website Lumosity promises to “train” your brain with games designed to stave off mental decline. Users view a quick succession of bird images and numbers to test attention span, for instance, or match increasingly complex tile patterns to challenge memory. While Lumosity is perhaps the best known of the brain-game websites, with … Read More

The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home

One of my favorite habits that I’ve created since I changed my life 9 years ago is having a decluttered home. I now realize that I always disliked the clutter, but I put off thinking about it because it was unpleasant. The thought of having to deal with all that clutter was overwhelming, and I … Read More

Own One Piece of Yoga Jewelry To Feed Your Mind, Soul and Inner Fashionista

One of the latest celebrity fashion statements is an ancient spiritual yoga necklace — a mala, worn by the likes of Julia Roberts and Donna Karan. Because they are so spiritually powerful, and the celebrity set has embraced yoga wholeheartedly, malas have made their way off the mat and into today’s fashion world…a way of … Read More

Is Work Your Happy Place?

Do you feel more stressed out at work or at home? While work is widely viewed as the major source of stress for Americans, new research shows that people have significantly lower stress levels when they are at the office compared to their time at home. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University tested the cortisol levels … Read More

Exercising the Mind to Treat Attention Deficits

Which will it be — the berries or the chocolate dessert? Homework or the Xbox? Finish that memo, or roam Facebook? Such quotidian decisions test a mental ability called cognitive control, the capacity to maintain focus on an important choice while ignoring other impulses. Poor planning, wandering attention and trouble inhibiting impulses all signify lapses … Read More

A 4-Step Program to Recover From Your Inbox Addiction

That little smartphone alert telling you a new email has arrived has conditioned you to scoop up your phone and swipe it, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Checking email, text and updates has become a terrible itch we are all scratching to our own detriment. A Rutgers University study said this … Read More

Time to Meditate: A Simple Beginner’s Guide

You’d like to be as calm and serene as a monk, but you don’t even know where to begin. Between the kids’ carpool, job demands and errands, how do you find time? Here’s the good news: it doesn’t take a lot of time to feel the benefits. Meditation can literally change your life today. Why … Read More

Light Up Your Life: The New Mood Lighting

Did you know that your life is strongly influenced by light? Think about how difficult it is to wake up on a cloudy morning, but when the day starts out sunny, you may have no trouble getting out of bed. This is because light functions as the primary cue that influences our circadian rhythm, which sets … Read More

A Seasonal Pattern to Mental Health

A new study using the patterns of Google search queries suggests that mental illnesses flourish in winter and decline in summer. In both the United States and Australia, researchers found distinct seasonal patterns, high in winter and low in summer, in searches pertaining to anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, depression, suicide, attention … Read More

4 Types of Co-Workers You Need to Know About
To Do Well At Work

Ever wonder why your co-worker walks into your cubicle, barely greets you, but asks you for help?  Conversely, ever have a co-worker ask you about your kids, your weekend and everything else… and you wonder, “Is there a point to this?” A lack of understanding between co-worker personalities had led to more than one office … Read More

Brain Games: Our Top 6 Picks To Make You Smarter

You know you need to exercise to stay healthy, but did you know that your brain needs exercise too?  Fortunately, giving your brain a good workout can be as simple as playing a game on your smartphone. As we age, our brains age with us. Firing up neurons by training your brain could actually be … Read More

Stress May Affect Fertility

Can stress affect a woman’s ability to become  pregnant? A new study says it may. Over  four years, 401 women who were stopping  contraception and trying to have a baby  underwent saliva testing for two stress-related substances: the enzyme alpha-amylase, and the hormone cortisol. The women  provided a saliva sample upon enrollment in the study, … Read More

Convert Your Commute to Mindful Living

Ever feel overwhelmed by your commute to work or school? For millions of us, the answer is an immediate “yes.” Unfortunately, commuting isn’t just difficult for many on an individual level; it’s also hard on the environment, especially if you’re driving alone. However, changing just a few things in your life can make a daily … Read More

12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools

The focus of my life in recent months has been living mindfully, and while I don’t always remember to do that, I have learned a few things worth sharing. The first is a mindful life is worth the effort. It’s a life where we awaken from the dream state we’re most often submerged in — … Read More

Don’t Let Emotions Hijack Your Life

Ever say or do something (or press “send”) in a heated or pressure-filled moment and think later, “OH WHY did I say (or do) that?”  In today’s fast-paced world, we feel like we must take action immediately and make no mistakes.  However, tight deadlines and fear of failure are big challenges. Most of us think … Read More

Collecting Data on a Good Night’s Sleep

Computers and mobile devices are enemies of a good night’s sleep,interrupting slumber with text alerts and disrupting natural sleep rhythms with their glowing blue screens. But a new generation of apps and devices may also be the way to improve sleep. Manufacturers are coming out with gadgets like cellphone alarm clocks that wake people at the most … Read More

This Is Your Brain on Coffee

For hundreds of years, coffee has been one of the two or three most popular beverages on earth. But it’s only recently that scientists are figuring out that the drink has notable health benefits. In one large-scale epidemiological study from last year, researchers primarily at the National Cancer Institute parsed health information from more than 400,000 volunteers, … Read More