How to Change Your Life, One Habit at a Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for constructing a healthy and happy life.  Forming small, daily, positive habits can give us the most for our wellness efforts. Just as the Italian city was built brick by brick, health and wellbeing are built habit by habit, so give these a try!   … Read More

Top Health and Happiness Benefits of a Digital Detox Cleanse

A self-imposed digital detox cleanse can boost your health and create more happiness in your life. Research shows the average adult spends about 4.5 hours a day watching TV and uses a digital device (smartphone, tablet, computer) almost 6 hours a day – terrible for your health and wellbeing. However, new research suggests that turning … Read More

3 Changes to Your Bedroom For Better Sleep, Love, & Health

One-third of your life can be spent in the bedroom, so it makes sense that this personal space can help or hinder your health greatly.  For increased wellness and wellbeing, try these three changes to make you better in the bedroom and beyond. Go Tech-Free for Better Sleep Lack of sleep is a bigger health … Read More

5 Ways to Instill Compassion in Your Children

Raising compassionate children is no small feat these days. Because of the egocentrism of children’s early years combined with the increasingly prevalent messages of selfishness, narcissism, and indifference that popular culture communicates to them, children are not likely to readily learn compassion on their own. This means that you have to make an extra effort to instill … Read More

How to Radiate and Attract Happiness

The yogis believe you are happy when you 1) know and love yourself, 2) are open to constant learning, and 3) make choices to support your wellbeing. That glow of being peaceful and happy comes from within, and when you shine your inner light, happy energy shines back. Here are a few ways to develop … Read More

How To Reboot Your Life the Yogi Way

There’s a reason when you clean out your closet you feel amazing – you can see everything! Imagine if you could build up this practice of regularly clearing out the clutter in your mind, so you could really see what’s happening in your life without judgment – but with total clarity. Yogis believe that when … Read More

How to Avoid Summer Burnout At Work

Think you’re working too hard already? When the heat is on outside, your internal fire, already burning with hard work and stress, needs special attention so you don’t combust. Here’s a 5-step plan to support health and avoid burnout, without reducing productivity. Step 1 — Get Productive, Earlier Take advantage of summer’s early light to … Read More

5 Ways Your Dog Boosts Your Happiness and Health

They’re cute, huggable, and a very important part of your daily wellbeing. The health benefits your dog brings you with each tail wag are vast. Research shows hanging out with your dog reduces anxiety, curbs loneliness, and makes you feel supported – and they can also help keep you fit, because they keep you moving! … Read More

Is Emotional Openness the Key to Healthy Relationships?

Have you ever been at a social event, whether a hosted dinner, picnic, party, what-have-you, and you meet someone who is obviously intelligent, well educated, and successful? You fully expect an interesting conversation, yet it stumbles from the start. The conversation stays at a superficial level and, within a short time, you are actually struggling … Read More

8 Messages to Teach Young Women and Girls About Happiness

Women’s happiness levels have been on the decline for the past few decades, so says a 2009 study entitled, “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness.” If that is the case, what are young women and girls learning about what it means to be happy? Who are their happiness role models? It wasn’t until I burned out after … Read More

5 Summer Vacations That Feed Your Soul

What did you get out of your last vacation?  While rest and relaxation are key components to unwinding, a vacation can be more than just a break from the rat race.  Here are five vacations that give you fresh perspective and expand your horizons.  You’ll be able to do some deep soul-searching and see the … Read More

Are You Taking Advantage of Holistic Health at Work?

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, companies have a new directive and incentive to look into wellness programs to help their employees. Access to all sorts of health benefits could be right under your nose – you just have to look a little closer. Does your job offer a wellness program, and how can it … Read More

One is the Loneliest Number: Find Community to Get Happy

What’s the secret to health and happiness?  It could be… increasing the number of people in your life. As much as you love your alone time, make a point to connect with others. One study found that if you spend 6-7 hours per day socializing, you are 12 times more likely to be happier! Here are … Read More

5 Simple Habits To Start Feeling Better Today

You keep saying it: “I want to be healthier,” but you don’t have time for big workouts or enough money to stock the fridge with 100% organic foods. In fact, by the end of the day, you just want to sit on the couch, watch TV and pour yourself a bowl of cereal. It doesn’t … Read More

3 Yoga Poses to Boost Mom’s Mood – and Yours!

Yoga can be a huge gift for moms-to-be as they cope with overwhelming changes, according to a new study from Brown University. Without any other kind of counseling and therapy, the women in the study practiced in class and at home. The more yoga they did, the better they felt mentally. What works for moms … Read More

How To Stop Social Media Stress

Aunt Martha lives 1,000 miles away but she’s stressing you out.  According to her latest social media update, her dog is sick, she may get laid off and she hates all the candidates running for president.  While social media can connect us, it can also blur our boundaries to the point of emotional and mental … Read More

5 Rainy Day Activities to Create More Happiness In Your Life

Spring is a magical time of year: the sun rises earlier in the morning and sets later in the evening. The days become slightly warmer, and flowers start to bloom. However, April showers (and those in May and June) make it challenging to do everything outdoors. Here are five rainy day activities that will create … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 30-something

You’re old enough to know what you want and go for it, but along the way you want to be well – not overwhelmed. As you form real and lasting relationships, experience career changes, expand your family and more, get comfortable in your own skin. Craft your own spiritual path and grow gracefully into your … Read More

How Pillow Talk Makes You Happier

Pillow talk is much more than a new song by a former One Direction heart throb, it’s scientifically-sound, pre-sleep quiet quality time you share with your partner that could greatly benefit you and your partner’s health, happiness, and relationship. How and how often you do it could make the difference in your relationship. The Proof … Read More

Why You Should Plan Your Summer Holiday Right Now

It may be the dead of winter, but it’s time to set your sights on summer.  Planning your summer holiday months in advance benefits your budget – but also your mind and soul. While Americans on average get about 16 vacation days a year, many people take breaks in four-day increments.  Some experts recommend a … Read More

How to Discover Your Own Wellness Retreat

Want a vacation for the mind, body and soul?  Try a wellness retreat.  These getaways nourish your whole self, and there’s a whole array of retreat choices on the planet.  How do you find the right one for you?  Ask yourself these questions. What do you want? Do you want to lose weight? Learn to … Read More

How to Get Inspired for Health and Happiness In A New Year

New Year’s Resolutions are fine, but what if you could restart your imagination and realize greater health and happiness moving forward in your life? “We get excited for a new year – pumped up – and we start to imagine the possibilities for our life,” said Alex Kip, who produces and hosts the podcast, SoulFeed. … Read More

Can a Dream Board Help Dreams Become a Reality?

Dream boards may sound like new age hocus pocus, but there’s actually some science behind the vision board idea.  The brain likes images, and new research shows it can process pictures at lighting speed. Dream boards work because we’re visual. We often have a running list of goals, hopes and dreams stuck inside our brains.   … Read More

4 Steps to a Deeper Gratitude

We know that feeling and expressing gratitude is a good thing. But what needs to happen inside us so that we’re more mindful and present for the experience of gratitude? How can the experience of gratitude open us to life more deeply and connect us more intimately with each other? Recognizing Gratitude is a sense … Read More

How to Reduce Stress at Work and Save Your Life

New scientific findings show that stress at work is just as bad for you as second hand smoke, which can lead to severe health problems for non-smokers, such as heart disease, lung disease, and stroke.  Talk about a wake up call! The good news is that you can help yourself. If you de-stress at work, … Read More

Do Quotes Help Make You Happier?

A friend of mine looks forward to her morning tea, because inspirational words stamped on the tea bag tag give her day a happy start. “Never lose your sense of wonder” is just one quote from her particular brand of tea, YogiTeas, rooted in the holistic living teachings of Yogi Bhajan, who guided others to … Read More

Easy Ways To Add “Happy” to Your Home Decor

Your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it the happiest place on earth? True happiness comes from within, but your home surroundings can give you a visual “pick-me-ups,” boosting your overall mood and reducing stress. I asked Roy Kim, the new Chief Creative Officer for Douglas Elliman Real Estate and one of the … Read More

Create Happiness, Wherever You Live

The happiest places to live on our planet have a few special things in common: good health, good people, and freedom of choice – weather doesn’t make-or-break happiness (though it might affect your mood every now and then), according to the World Happiness Report. Really, it’s hanging out with the right people and wellness choices … Read More

3 Toxic Friendships to Swap Out for Your Health

Everyone needs friends. People with a large network of friends outlive those who don’t. Having friends may lower your risk of depression, increase your self-esteem, and provide you with the support you need to make it through life. But, some types of friendships could be doing more harm than good. Here are 3 types of … Read More

4 Family Fitness Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

If you want to workout and you have kids, do you pay for daycare, skip it, or give up on the idea you won’t exercise until they’re in college? You don’t have to do any of those! Many places do offer family fitness classes where parents and kids practice yoga or Tae Kwon Do or … Read More

10 Signs That You’re In a Healthy Relationship

A goal in life for many of us is to be in happy and healthy relationship but most of us can also agree that accomplishing that is easier said than done. The media constantly feeds us the notion that romance and sex are the key components to a relationship—at least initially, we’re led to believe, … Read More

What to Say or Do When A Loved One Is Sick

Have you ever been sick and received a “Get Well” card from someone who cared about you? Remember how that made you feel? A kind gesture, thought or word can go a long way when your health is hurting. Here are several things you can do when the tables have turned and a loved one … Read More

7 Research-Based Reasons to Laugh Every Chance You Get

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, but who actually makes time for laughter in their lives? Sure, we enjoy hearing a funny joke, being around people with a good sense of humor, and watching comedies. But few of us take our laughs seriously(no pun intended) nor do we make a concerted effort to laugh more. But … Read More

3 Ways to Be A Modern, Spiritual Person

You don’t have to be an incense-burning hippie to be a spiritual person today (not that there’s anything wrong with that). In the last 5-10 years, the idea of spirituality has changed radically. One of the main gateways into spirituality is yoga. In fact, 44% of Americans consider themselves “aspirational yogis,” interested in trying yoga. … Read More

Top Spiritual Priorities If You’re In Your 20s

Our society’s increasing desire to be well – inside and out – has all of us looking for ways to give our lives more meaning and spiritual context.  There are many options, groups, and opportunities to express your spiritual self, but if you create greater focus around your spiritual path, you can let your efforts … Read More

Active Listening Is a Key to Great Interactions

Effective interactions with others require actively listening to what others say. Your ears hear the sounds and send them to your brain, but it’s your mind that makes sense of the noise. To really be a good listener, and to help your brain hear the whole message, try these action-oriented strategies to improve your listening. … Read More

Vie Gratitude Ride

Imagine a child living without a single, nutritious meal.  I’ve cooked in a community kitchen with and for kids whose lives are changed by learning about fresh food, helping to prepare it on a budget, and then experiencing how delicious healthy food can be.  Those kids develop a healthy relationship with food that can last … Read More

How to Create Healthier Anger in Your Children

Anger often makes us uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to witness and uncomfortable to feel. Witnessing your child’s anger can be especially uncomfortable. In order to relieve this feeling, parents will often encourage children to “stop crying” and say things like “it’s nothing to cry about.” It’s moments like these that plant the seeds of unhealthy anger. The … Read More

How to Create Your Own Healing Rituals

Have you seen pro athletes do a few special things right before a big moment?  Often they’re practicing rituals to prepare their actions, steady their nerves, or get focused. Rituals – repeated sequences of actions or a singular action for a specific reason – have long been respected as ways to cope with challenge in … Read More

The Healing Power of A Handwritten Note

In today’s world, we are inundated with a constant flood of emails, texts, and messages on social media. In fact, in America, the average 18-29 year old sends or receives 100 texts a day. As you can probably deduce, studies show the prevalence of the handwritten note has been on something of a downswing in … Read More

How to Diagnose an Unhealthy Relationship

Once I ran to you, now I’ll run from you This tainted love you’ve given, I give you all a boy could give you Take my tears and that’s not nearly all Tainted love.   — “Tainted Love,” Ed Cobb, 1964 When someone says they’ve fallen in love with you, it can be hard to tell … Read More

5 Ways to Argue Appropriately

As with many things, learning how to argue properly with someone you love is a skill you can develop. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Many couples struggle with learning to fight fairly. Here are some ground rules: • The first one to get mad loses. You really can’t resolve anything … Read More

Transforming Criticism Into Connection

Why would anyone criticize someone else? Generally, there are two answers: To hurt someone’s feelings, or to change someone. If you want to criticize people to hurt their feelings, you need to do more than read a blog. But, if you want to learn how to use criticism to build closeness while changing the other … Read More

Compatibility: The Secret Ingredient to a Happy Relationship?

We likely all want our intimate relationships to be loving and long lasting. Don’t we? Then why are so many people so boneheaded about their choices in partners? Many seem unaware of the obvious predictors of relationship success and longevity? Somehow, too many people have the view that sexual chemistry, physical attraction, and love at … Read More

7 Myths About Happiness We Need to Stop Believing

Nearly all of us buy into what I call the myths of happiness—beliefs that certain adult achievements (marriage, kids, jobs, wealth) will make us forever happy and that certain adult failures or adversities (health problems, divorce, financial struggles) will make us forever unhappy. Overwhelming research, however, reveals that there is no magic formula for happiness … Read More

Bucket Lists: Beneficial or a Burden?

“It’s on my bucket list” is a little saying with big meaning.  Whether you’ve never heard of a “bucket list” or if you’re a bucket list devotee, making a bucket list can impact your life significantly – no matter how old you are. What’s a Bucket List? The phrase may be more well-known today because … Read More

5 Mindful Gifts to Give

If you’re going to give a holiday sweater as a gift this year, at least make it meaningful. Sweater… or something else… gifts that make a difference in the world are abundant. Here’s our pick of five mindful gifts for this holiday season: 1. Stress Relief + Happiness Giving a gift card to meditation classes … Read More

6 Ways to Manage the Differences in Your Relationship

Mary* loves romantic comedies. Her boyfriend Sam* likes action movies—the more violent, the better. She’s a vegetarian; he’s a carnivore. “I love him, but we seem totally mismatched,” she says. “We can’t agree on a movie or a meal; how can we make important life choices, like where we’ll live or when we’ll start a … Read More

Give Yourself Winter Soul Sunshine

When the temperature drops and winter really kicks in, it’s easy to settle into the couch and eat snacks until the first thaw. That’s no way to go through life! Here are a few ways to give yourself some soul sunshine – and beat the winter blues. Cut Back on TV Granted, when it’s 25 … Read More

The Decisive Marriage

Do you have a decisive marriage? New research shows that how thoughtfully couples make decisions can have a lasting effect on the quality of their romantic relationships. Couples who are decisive before marriage — intentionally defining their relationships, living together and planning a wedding — appear to have better marriages than couples who simply let … Read More

13 Ways Gratitude Will Significantly Improve Your Life

Want to be happy, healthy and have great relationships? Sure, we all do! And we’ve heard a million times about the obvious ways to take care of ourselves: exercise, diet etc. But there’s one simple exercise that boosts all of these things simultaneously and that most of us simply don’t know. What’s that? Being thankful. … Read More

The Best Kept Secret to Getting What You Want

Most people want the same sorts of things: to be happier, healthier, less busy, more attractive, and wiser. We probably also all want to make a difference in some way and leave a mark on the world with our actions. Well research shows there is one very well-kept secret to all of the above: giving, … Read More

Why Is Listening to Your Favorite Music Good for Your Heart?

What is your favorite song right now? Do you have an anthem that always inspires you? Intuitively, we all know that the music we love makes our hearts sing and makes us feel good. Now scientists have confirmed that listening to your favorite songs literally reduces your risk for heart disease by improving endothelial function … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Happiness Right Away

You don’t have to wait for happiness to happen. Just take a few small actions to invite more positive vibes into your life. Smile, because we’re sharing these five easy ways to get happy right away. Sing in the Shower Each Morning Hot water melts the stress away and soothes aching muscles. Add some singing … Read More

How to Keep Tech from Taking Over Your Family

As a parent, it’s tempting to use the iPad or smartphone as a babysitter, but honestly, aren’t you just as mesmerized and absorbed with your own device sometimes (to the point of ignoring your kid)? With entire recovery centers set up to help adults deal with tech addiction, clearly, technology, particularly in the form of … Read More

The Generous Marriage

From tribesmen to billionaire philanthropists, the social value of generosity is already well known. But new research suggests it also matters much more intimately than we imagined, even down to our most personal relationships. Researchers from the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project recently studied the role of generosity in the marriages of 2,870 men … Read More

Now, a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss

There are activities common to most humans that we enjoy immensely, without much thought, and as frequently as opportunity and instinct provide. On occasion, researchers feel they need to know why. Recently, experimental psychologists at Oxford University explored the function of kissing in romantic relationships. Surprise! It’s complicated. After conducting an online survey with 308 … Read More

How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating, & Love Letting Go

The end of procrastination is the art of letting go. I’ve been a lifelong procrastinator, at least until recent years. I would put things off until deadline, because I knew I could come through. I came through on tests after cramming last minute, I turned articles in at the deadline after waiting until the last … Read More

The Five Steps to Mindfully Releasing Anger

Past anger—whether a grudge, resentment, pent-up rage, or a slight committed by someone you were close to years ago and never forgave—is like a millstone hanging around your neck. The people and situations you haven’t moved past can create emotional and physical problems that will affect your health, and lead you to act that anger out … Read More

Want to Be More Creative? Take a Walk

If you are unable to think of a catchy, creative way to present sales data or begin a newspaper column, take a walk. A brief stroll, even around your office, can significantly increase creativity, according to a handy new study. Most of us have heard by now that exercise, including walking, generally improves thinking skills, … Read More

Good Deeds for Good Health

Did you know that helping others, without expecting anything in return, is actually good for your health?  Most of us believe kindness and generosity are virtuous qualities, and we cheer for those who give time, money or emotional support selflessly.  We know it feels good to do or witness a good deed, but behind the … Read More

What Influences Our Happiness the Most?

I have two friends, Seth and Michael, and one of them is a lot happier than the other. Seth is chronically unhappy. He is often glum, frequently irritable, and sometimes hopeless, though he has never been clinically depressed. By contrast, Michael is a remarkable happy person. Although he has his low moments and periodic stress, he … Read More

8 Keys to Healthy Relationships

I get asked a lot about what a healthy relationship is like, or is supposed to be like. The easy answer is that it looks different for every couple. However, I realized a long time ago that if we didn’t grow up with parents who had wonderful ways of relating to one another, that there was virtually … Read More

Happiness, health and marriage

It’s standard shtick for comedians to complain about their marriages, detailing the inevitable arguments, compromises and other unpleasant situations involved in the time-honored institution. Research, however, largely tells a different tale — in many ways, marriage is good for you. Less Sickness, Greater Health “In sickness and in health” — that’s the venerable phrase from … Read More

Out of Whack: How to Balance Life Goals and Work Demands

Balancing our personal lives and professional commitments is an increasingly difficult task in our ridiculously busy contemporary society. We love our time off with family and friends, but are compelled to work overtime to achieve those precious vacation days. While a rewarding job and satisfying quality of life may seem at odds with each other, … Read More

Beware Of Mommy Instagramming

Super-stylized blogs and Facebook feeds show off picture-perfect snapshots of the joys of parenting. But these high-glam projects are spreading anxiety and discontent. Every morning before her daughter, Leah, went off to school, Samantha pulled out her phone to snap a photo of Leah’s outfit, or her triple French braids, or the from-scratch blueberry buckwheat pancakes Samantha had … Read More