Vie is a modern wellness platform offering meditation, movement and multi-sensory pop up experiences


Hello and Welcome to Vie

I’m Julie Sacks, a certified Vedic Meditation Teacher and Well-being Entrepreneur. I created Vie because I’m intensely passionate about wellbeing, and I’m committed to igniting positive change for our health.

Wellbeing is a very personal journey for everyone. Some of us have already discovered the motivation to improve the quantity and quality of our lives by taking better care of ourselves, and some of us may still be struggling to find balance in our busy lives and solutions to our wellbeing needs. Some of us simply want to be healthier and don’t know where to start or how to make it a lifestyle.

I became a meditation teacher quite simply because meditation changed my life for the better. I’ve written about my own wellbeing journey in The Huffington Post. In learning about how the mind, body and soul work together, I was able to create a healthier and happier life for myself. I now want to help others do the same. I love to teach, whether it’s guiding an at-home practice or leading a class in unexpected venues, such as museums/wineries and out in nature. Meditating in beautiful spaces gives the practice an extra positive charge.

As my practice has evolved, Vie Wellbeing has evolved. I find joy in bringing unique brands and people together to support and celebrate a healthy mind, body & soul. As a modern wellness platform offering meditation, movement and multi-sensory pop-up experiences I have developed SleepWell by Vie and other seasonal activations MoveWell by Vie, GlowWell by Vie & ThinkWell by Vie.

The last words my Father said to me before he passed away were “Live your life.” This is why Vie exists, and I hope it will become part of your journey too. We can’t do this without you; please tell us what you think, and let us know how we can continue to be of service and help support you with your wellbeing.

With gratitude and love, welcome to Vie!

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In today’s modern world, we are constantly faced with challenges and stress. If we can release our stress and tension, we can have a better life experience and live in the present moment.