8 Messages to Teach Young Women and Girls About Happiness

My Soul 4.3.2015

Women’s happiness levels have been on the decline for the past few decades, so says a 2009 study entitled, “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness.” If that is the case, what are young women and girls learning about what it means to be happy? Who are their happiness role models? It wasn’t until I burned out after … Read More

How to Make a Tofu Scramble Without a Recipe

My Body 9.2.2015

Here at Food52, we love recipes — but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don’t always need a recipe, you’ll make your favorite dishes a lot more often. Today: A simpler way to cook tofu, for vegans and non-vegans alike.   For all of the progress we’ve made demystifying tofu, there’s … Read More

5 Things You Need for Ultimate Well-being

My Mind 24.9.2014

Creating a healthy, thriving life is no small challenge. There are endless variables in constant motion that shape our day-to-day existence. To achieve and maintain truly sustainable well-being, we need to keep in mind these five crucial aspects of life: Career, social, financial, physical and community. These core categories are important because they help to … Read More

Mark Hyman, MD.

Interview 25.6.2014

Dr. Hyman plays a major role in the groundbreaking documentary Fed Up, which addresses food addiction and childhood obesity. Produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David, it was released May 2014. “This is the first generation of children in history that will be sicker and die younger than their parents. For their sakes and ours … Read More

Arianna Huffington

Interview 1.1.2018

Arianna Huffington is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of several books. The Huffington Post is one of the most widely read, linked to, and cited media brands online. In 2012, the site won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting, and Arianna has been named to TIME Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people and … Read More

Can A Good Cupping Heal You?

My Body 21.10.2015

Celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow have bared their backs publicly to reveal circular shapes on their bodies, which look painful, but are actually marks of an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment called cupping. As more Westerners are asking for it, it’s even become available at some posh spas. One high-end hotel in Los Angeles … Read More

How to Be Your Own, Best Motivational Coach

My Mind 29.6.2015

It’s 8 am on Monday, do you know where your motivation is?  While a motivational coach can be inspiring, how about relying on your own sweet self?  Here are six ways to do just that: Write It Down Pen a love letter to your life.  Write down all the things that are going right, from … Read More

5 Summer Vacations That Feed Your Soul

My Soul 4.5.2015

What did you get out of your last vacation?  While rest and relaxation are key components to unwinding, a vacation can be more than just a break from the rat race.  Here are five vacations that give you fresh perspective and expand your horizons.  You’ll be able to do some deep soul-searching and see the … Read More

The New Rules for Salt

My Body 13.1.2016

  A few recent studies tossed some controversial doubt on our long-held belief that “low salt equals better health,” so we thought it would be the right time to examine the new rules for salt, since February is National Heart Month. A high salt diet remains a prime source of high blood pressure and increases … Read More

How to Meditate for Little Bits of Stress Free Living

My Mind 16.12.2015

We are all so busy, our lives spilling over with our “to do lists,” family commitments, and work. There will always be something else to do or another distraction. Start by committing to a daily meditation practice of at least five minutes, and you’ll start to see positive changes in your life. Over time, each … Read More

Are You Taking Advantage of Holistic Health at Work?

My Soul 1.10.2014

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, companies have a new directive and incentive to look into wellness programs to help their employees. Access to all sorts of health benefits could be right under your nose – you just have to look a little closer. Does your job offer a wellness program, and how can it … Read More

Anna Hammond

Interview 25.4.2014

Anna is the charming and passionate creator of many successful educational programs for children and young adults in both academic and community environments. She joined The Sylvia Center as Executive Director in 2009, with a mission to transform the way children eat by creating and implementing farm-to-table programs. A couple of months before launching Vie, … Read More