Pelvic Floor Exercises That Will Improve Your Sex Life

My Body 19.1.2017

  Do you know what the pelvic floor is? We are generally unaware of what it is exactly, what its function is and the vital role it plays in our sex lives. Luckily, it is easy to keep it in shape by just regularly exercising for a few minutes. If you have ever experienced discomfort … Read More

5 Rainy Day Activities to Create More Happiness In Your Life

My Body 9.11.2016

Spring is a magical time of year: the sun rises earlier in the morning and sets later in the evening. The days become slightly warmer, and flowers start to bloom. However, April showers (and those in May and June) make it challenging to do everything outdoors. Here are five rainy day activities that will create … Read More

Why You Deserve a Break, From Yourself

My Body 7.10.2016

Do you find that there is a critical voice in your head that follows you around all day and all night? It may pop up as you get out of bed (“Late again!”) or when you look in the mirror (“You look exhausted.”) Or maybe you notice it when you get to work. (“You never … Read More

3 Stress Busting Yoga Poses for Your Commute

My Body 6.3.2015

Oh yes, the daily commute is right up there for ramping up stress – nobody loves the crush of people on a train or bumper-to-bumper traffic! However, according to critical research, daily commutes can cause health problems such as spiked and/or chronic high blood pressure, higher cholesterol, lower quality of sleep, back pain, and a … Read More

Rose-Marie Swift

My Body 24.9.2014

Rose-Marie Swift has been a make-up artist for over 20 years. Her product line is gorgeous, and it has gained her a cult-like following.  Her work has been featured in such publications as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D, Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour, Interview, and Elle. Her make-up has appeared in ads for Diane von Furstenberg, … Read More

How to Make a Tofu Scramble Without a Recipe

My Body 9.2.2015

Here at Food52, we love recipes — but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don’t always need a recipe, you’ll make your favorite dishes a lot more often. Today: A simpler way to cook tofu, for vegans and non-vegans alike.   For all of the progress we’ve made demystifying tofu, there’s … Read More

Can A Good Cupping Heal You?

My Body 21.10.2015

Celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow have bared their backs publicly to reveal circular shapes on their bodies, which look painful, but are actually marks of an ancient Chinese medicinal treatment called cupping. As more Westerners are asking for it, it’s even become available at some posh spas. One high-end hotel in Los Angeles … Read More

The New Rules for Salt

My Body 13.1.2016

  A few recent studies tossed some controversial doubt on our long-held belief that “low salt equals better health,” so we thought it would be the right time to examine the new rules for salt, since February is National Heart Month. A high salt diet remains a prime source of high blood pressure and increases … Read More

Which Sweat-Tech Is Best for You?

My Body 19.6.2015

There’s a whole new world of workout gear.  Exercise apparel now promises that you can wick, de-stink, and SPF your way to a healthier and more fresh-smelling you during and post workout. In fact, trademarked fabrics are now commonplace in the athletic clothing industry. What are to the go-to brands?  We break down some readily … Read More

Eat All Your Vegetables: How to Use Stems and Roots

My Body 4.2.2015

Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we’re sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun. Today: One person’s discarded vegetable parts; another’s dinner. That’s why we’re revisiting these tips for getting the most out of your market haul. “It’s easy to forget, leaves and stalks are parts of a … Read More

5 Easy Steps To Get Happy Through Food

My Body 1.7.2015

As you’re planning your 4th of July picnic and hoping for a happy event, know this: a new study says high fat foods are linked to depression by changing the chemicals in your brain and shifting your behavior.  If you flip that thought, a healthier diet can send your body and mind in a more … Read More

The New Guidelines on Natural Sunscreen

My Body 29.5.2015

Summer is finally here, but before you head to the beach, make sure you’re armed with the right sunscreen and information about what will protect you in the sun, safely. This year, there’s plenty of new information to help you understand the sunscreens that are right for you, offering good protection, but free of ingredients … Read More