Rose-Marie Swift

My Body 24.9.2014

Rose-Marie Swift has been a make-up artist for over 20 years. Her product line is gorgeous, and it has gained her a cult-like following.  Her work has been featured in such publications as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, i-D, Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour, Interview, and Elle. Her make-up has appeared in ads for Diane von Furstenberg, … Read More

De-stress and Be More Beautiful

My Body 11.3.2016

  If you want to improve your appearance, tackle your stress. Research shows that stress can ruin your looks, because of cortisol, the stress hormones that rages through our body in times of stress. Though helpful when running from a bear, in modern life, and over time, stress is not beneficial for health and beauty. … Read More

5 Foods To Moisturize Your Skin From the Inside Out

My Body 20.11.2015

If winter weather is leaving your skin raw and dry, there’s help and it comes from the kitchen.  Moisturize from the inside out with these foods that you are probably already putting in your grocery cart! Kiwi Kiwis are packed with as much Vitamin C as an orange and that’s great for your skin.  Vitamin … Read More

The New Trend for Spiritual – and Non-Toxic – Nail Polish

My Body 23.9.2015

Since we like to match our nail polish to our outfits, the seasons and even our moods, it only makes sense that polish companies are taking it one step further, linking colors and polish names to spirituality – an emerging trend on the heels of the growing demand for non-toxic nail polish. Mindful and non-toxic, … Read More

Dry Shampoos – When and Why to Use Them?

My Body 24.8.2015

In the heat of the hot and sweaty summer, shampooing everyday might feel like a necessary evil. It’s time consuming, and, if you shampoo your strands too often, you can actually damage your hair. For those days you need to skip elaborate shampooing, and for the sake of healthy hair, there’s an alternative that’s getting … Read More

4 Forgotten Steps to Beautiful Skin

My Body 10.4.2015

Here’s a beauty secret worth knowing: glowing skin often comes from the inside out.  Instead of pricey potions and beauty balms, try these four overlooked tricks to sensational skin. Laughter Fifteen facial muscles work together to help you laugh and smile, and all that laughing increases blood flow around your face.  You’ll pump up circulation … Read More

The Yummier, Organic Way To Shed Your Winter Skin

My Body 11.3.2015

Our skin is one very interesting organ.  When you’re young, your skin naturally renews or sheds itself every 25 days or so. As you age, that process slows down and can result in dull, dry looking skin, especially during and after winter! That’s where exfoliation comes in; exfoliation helps with cell turnover and creates smoother, … Read More

Spring Clean Your Workout Wardrobe

My Body 25.2.2015

If you’re feeling attached to that sweat-stained thermal shirt that got you through your first marathon (seriously), there’s a very good health benefit to getting rid of it – and other well-loved workout pieces – every spring. Getting rid of unused stuff can revitalize you! Experts say clutter can take a toll on your emotional … Read More

4 Winter Beauty Habits You Should Start Right Now

My Body 22.12.2014

Winter can mean a total upheaval of your regular beauty routine. Between harsh, cold winds and the constant blast of furnaces indoors, taking care of yourself in the colder months requires a special approach. A few simple changes and substitutions to your regular routine, and winter beauty can be easier than you think – inside … Read More

Deep Winter Skin Care Inside and Out

My Body 21.11.2014

Winter brings to mind many things: snowmen, roasted chestnuts, and dry, itchy, red skin that makes you wish for summer again. Fortunately, banishing dry winter skin is easier than you think. It’s really only a matter of adapting to a new season and making a few simple changes to your daily routine. Make This Easy … Read More

Anti-Aging: For MEN? The Rule-bending Trend in the Beauty Aisle

My Body 17.9.2014

The idea that many men get more attractive as they age is old news, since a growing number of discerning males are actively intent on looking younger. We’re living in the middle of a significant anti-aging movement for men, and the beauty industry is pumping out male-focused “beauty” products as fast as it can. Decline … Read More

A Man’s Product Guide to a Smooth Face

My Body 1.8.2014

With the term “metrosexual” long faded away, well-groomed men are just that, and able to enjoy their esteemed status freely. Increasingly, more guys are joining the ranks, and they often make male skin-care products a priority. The industry is expected to grow to $6.1 billion by 2017, and for the first time, in 2013, men … Read More