4 Healthy Choices To Make Before You Get Your Next Mani-Pedi

My Body 11.7.2014

For many of us, getting a manicure is a regular part of our beauty routine, and pedicures are summer must-haves. When it comes to pampering your hands, options run the gamut from organic manicures (which don’t include polish but a luxurious spa treatment), to gel and shellac mani-pedis that are glossy, long-lasting and anti-chip for … Read More

Why Go Natural? Our Top Picks for All Natural Makeup

My Body 12.6.2014

You wear makeup because you want to look good, but is your makeup poisoning your body? Because cosmetics don’t require premarket approval from the FDA (aside from their color additives), and the cosmetics industry is responsible for safety testing of their own products, shoppers need to be on the lookout for potentially unpleasant chemicals in … Read More

Spring Clean With Detox Massages

My Body 28.4.2014

Many of us turn to massage to get rid of pain and stress on the spot, but did you ever think of getting massages a little more frequently right now to detox in spring?  It’s a bright idea to get them year-round, but spring is an especially great time to investigate how massages can give … Read More

Top picks this Summer when reaching for All-Natural Sunscreen

My Body 18.4.2014

Nothing can top a fun day spent outside in the summer sun – and nothing can ruin the fun as quickly as sunburn. In addition to pain and discomfort, overexposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can also age your skin prematurely and even cause certain types of skin cancer. Fortunately, it’s easier and … Read More

Is There Danger Lurking in Your Lipstick?

My Body 2.2.2014

A soft pink, a glowing red, even a cyanotic purple — millions of women and girls apply lipstick every day. And not just once: some style-conscious users touch up their color more than 20 times a day, according to a recent study. But are they also exposing themselves to toxic metals? Most lipsticks contain at least … Read More