3 Stress Busting Yoga Poses for Your Commute

My Body 6.3.2015

Oh yes, the daily commute is right up there for ramping up stress – nobody loves the crush of people on a train or bumper-to-bumper traffic! However, according to critical research, daily commutes can cause health problems such as spiked and/or chronic high blood pressure, higher cholesterol, lower quality of sleep, back pain, and a … Read More

Which Workouts Keep the Body Young?

My Body 18.3.2016

It doesn’t take much to feel younger: drive less and walk more or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Regular exercise keeps our brains young, according to a recent study from Harvard. Add to that, recent research in The Journal Physiology, which suggests that older, active adults can have physical health that is closer … Read More

How to Get and Stay Motivated for Winter Workouts

My Body 11.11.2015

When the weather takes a turn for the freezing exercise routines often go into hibernation mode.  They key to continued winter workouts?  According to Michelle Segar, PhD, Director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center, you must flip your thinking. Understand the “whys” behind your exercise habits.  Research shows … Read More

What’s the Right Way to Ice After A Workout

My Body 14.10.2015

  If you have a regular exercise practice, you’re bound to overdo it at some point. What’s the best way to recover after overexerting yourself during a workout? Research has shown that using ice may not be as effective as you think. Although icing after a workout makes things feel better in the short run, … Read More

What Should You Eat Right After A Workout

My Body 25.9.2015

After you wipe the sweat off after a tough workout, what should you eat? To get the most out of your hard work, get the timing right and have a healthy strategy. Refueling after a workout is an important nutrition moment to improve body composition, repair muscles, and keep you energy steady. Your body uses … Read More

How and Why to Heat Up Your Yoga Practice Without Burning Out

My Body 5.8.2015

As yogis, we build internal heat through movement and breath to burn up and eliminate toxins, revitalizing our energies. However, during the dog days of summer, there is such a thing as too much down dog intensity. If you overheat through your asana (poses), you might find yourself gasping for air and getting stressed. The … Read More

How Much Spinning Is Too Much Spinning?

My Body 12.8.2015

Is the urge to get to spin class… spinning out of control? “Come on people, pedal. Keep up.” You might hear that mantra in many spin classes, but can this cult-like fitness fad go too far? True, you can burn a ton of calories and shed fat in a short amount of time. However, if not … Read More

Aerobic Activity vs. Weight Lifting: Which Burns More Fat?

My Body 24.6.2015

As the weather warms up and “swimsuit season” rapidly approaches, are you feeling more self-conscious or concerned about getting in shape and losing some weight than you were over the winter? I am. Ideally, our daily lifestyle habits should help us maintain a healthy and consistent weight year-round. But we’re human, and inevitably the winter months in colder climates … Read More

Is Running “Barefoot” Really Better?

My Body 22.6.2015

Barefoot running shoes: harmful or helpful? Those specially shaped, minimalist running shoes that give you the feel of running barefoot are all the rage, but you might not want to leave your full sneakers in the closet for good. Early humans ran barefoot, and some still do, but when barefoot runners known as the Tarahumara … Read More

5 Ways Your Dog Boosts Your Happiness and Health

My Body 17.6.2015

They’re cute, huggable, and a very important part of your daily wellbeing. The health benefits your dog brings you with each tail wag are vast. Research shows hanging out with your dog reduces anxiety, curbs loneliness, and makes you feel supported – and they can also help keep you fit, because they keep you moving! … Read More

5 Healthy Activities To Plan with Your Mom

My Body 6.5.2015

Although candy, treats and expensive dinners are great Mother’s Day presents in theory, the best gift you can give is one that promotes a long, healthy life. Here are five healthy ideas that will please your mom and increase your quality time together. Visit a Farmers Market With plenty of fresh produce and vegetables waiting … Read More