How To Make Sure Your Kid Eats Well When You’re Not Around 

My Body 12.10.2015

  You only hope that your start your kid’s day with a healthy breakfast and send them off with daily lunches packed with nutritious noshes, but after that, it’s out of your control! Do snap peas move over for soda when you’re not looking? If you want to make sure your children eat well, even … Read More

Learn The Smart, Healthy Approach to Holiday Travel

My Body 7.12.2015

Your plane leaves in an hour and your famished.  Do you succumb to the fast food restaurant in terminal A or wait for the in-flight meal?  Here’s how to hone in on health when jet setting makes it challenging. In the Terminal: Low-Fat, Low Sodium The airport burger and fries smell delicious, and you’re desperate. … Read More

5 Global Foods to Eat Weekly for A Long, Healthy Life

My Body 5.10.2015

  Tap into the world’s secrets for a long, healthy life! Each day we’re learning about specific foods from global diets that can help us from the inside out. Which ones can you add easily to your weekly food routine for creative options packed with universal health benefits? Here’s our pick of five worldly choices … Read More

Can Probiotic Foods Make You Happier?

My Body 28.8.2015

Feeling blue? Maybe some yogurt would help! A new study shows a link between taking probiotics and holding on to recurring bad feelings less, which means feeling happier could be just a few weeks (and a diet change) away! Researchers found that after just four weeks, subjects who had been taking probiotics daily were less … Read More

How Important Are Antioxidants Anyway?

My Body 16.10.2015

Anti-what?  Antioxidants have made health headlines for decades but do you really know what these nutrition superstars can do for you?  Truth: you need them to live! Here’s why, and surprising ways to get them. Get Schooled: Antioxidants 101 Think of antioxidants as super heroes.  They fight off oxidation that occurs on the cellular level … Read More

How to Make Healthy Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

My Body 26.8.2015

Your kids just want a burger or slice of pizza, but you really want to pack a healthy lunch you know they’ll eat. It’s clear making a healthy lunch is just not enough, when the lunch comes home untouched by your picky eater. You’re not alone. Parents, we need to be strategic. Here are some … Read More

How To Shop And Avoid Food Coloring

My Body 17.8.2015

Dye for dinner?  The amount of food coloring, a la, Yellow no. 6, has increased five times in our food since the 1950s.  Things may be changing. Kraft is eliminating food coloring in their traditional mac and cheese, replacing artificial colors with colors from natural sources, such as turmeric and paprika. Until the rest of … Read More

How to Find Healthier Meals, From Breakfast to Bedtime

My Body 28.10.2015

Healthy eating, all day, every day, seems like a daunting task.  Make it easier on yourself and take it meal-by-meal.  When you’re on the go, try simple food substitutes or make choices to elevate your diet from ho-hum to hugely healthy.  Try these ideas and ingredients for nutritious meals from morning until night. Rise, Shine, … Read More

The Dos and Dont’s of a Healthy Cup of Coffee

My Body 23.10.2015

  As the temperature drops, it feels so good sometimes to warm up with a cup of hot coffee. But, how much coffee is too much? And, what can you do to make sure that you’re getting the healthiest cup of coffee you can? Do: Get Health Benefits from Coffee In addition to warming you … Read More

Go Nuts Over The Healthiest Nuts – For You

My Body 27.7.2015

Eat more nuts. They might be high in calories, but they also contain healthy fats that help protect your heart, prevent weight gain, and control cholesterol. For years, nuts have received a bad rap for being high in calories and fat, but nuts actually contain healthy, unsaturated fats, along with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, protein … Read More

Deciphering Bread Ingredients… For Good

My Body 2.9.2015

If you’ve been in the bread aisle lately, you know you have more interesting and healthy choices than ever before! Look to see what’s baked into the bread, because not all “flour” is created equally. One of your biggest concerns might be how to find gluten-free bread (check out our guide to see if you … Read More