How To Use Coconuts To Be Beautiful Inside and Out

My Body 2.5.2014

You cannot ignore the number of people around you guzzling coconut water.  Low calorie, low fat and cholesterol free, with more potassium than four bananas, no wonder people are crazy about it!  But, did you know that coconut oil is a great beauty treatment? Here’s how coconut oil can create more beauty – inside and … Read More

3 Things Newbies Need to Start Juice Cleansing

My Body 30.4.2014

Juice cleansing can be an effective way to improve your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, and move the scale in the right direction. Some health experts say juice cleansing for a few days can help rid your body of toxins from processed and packaged foods, produce treated with pesticides, and even the air you … Read More

Beyond Kale: Which Greens Should You Buy?

My Body 28.4.2014

These days it seems like the world has gone kale crazy. The superfood has made its way into everything from Caesar salads to soups to smoothies and even as an alternative snack to chips.  However, there are many greens to explore that deliver huge nutritional benefits.  So, while kale gets all the attention, go beyond … Read More

Sugar, on a Slippery Slope

My Body 25.4.2014

A commentary published last week in Natureargues for the regulation of sugar as a toxic substance. The authors and I agree about ends — reducing sugar intake — but have some potential differences about means. The notion that sugar is a “poison” was established when a lecture by Dr. Robert Lustigespousing that view went viral. Dr. Lustig has made … Read More

Childhood Obesity: Have We Turned The Tide?

My Body 25.3.2014

The media headlines attached to the major medical news story of the past week might have been: “Shocking but True: nearly 1 in 10 US children UNDER THE AGE OF 5 is obese!” Had that been the headline, it would indeed have been every bit as true as it is shocking. And the really shocking … Read More

The Mediterranean Diet’s Brain Benefits

My Body 2.2.2014

A large new study confirms that sticking to the Mediterranean diet — fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit, with minimal dairy foods and meat — may be good for the brain. Researchers prospectively followed 17,478 mentally healthy men and women 45 and older, gathering data on diet from food questionnaires, and testing mental function with a … Read More

Healthy Food Costs More—A Myth?

My Body 25.3.2014

The conventional wisdom is that more nutritious foods cost more. Here in the proverbial nutshell (walnuts score a deservedly impressive 82 on the 100-point NuVal scale, so let’s make it a walnut shell) is what’s right, wrong, and downright ugly about this persistent bit of prevailing perception. What’s right is what made it conventional wisdom in the first … Read More

How Eating Probiotic-Rich Can Protect You From Heart Disease

My Body 2.2.2014

While gut health and heart disease may seem unrelated at first glance, it turns out that the friendly bacteria living in our intestines may offer more benefits to our health than we ever imagined. Over the last several decades, the research investigating the role that infection plays in heart disease has been mounting. Studies have … Read More