Which Sweat-Tech Is Best for You?

My Body 19.6.2015

There’s a whole new world of workout gear.  Exercise apparel now promises that you can wick, de-stink, and SPF your way to a healthier and more fresh-smelling you during and post workout. In fact, trademarked fabrics are now commonplace in the athletic clothing industry. What are to the go-to brands?  We break down some readily … Read More

Eat All Your Vegetables: How to Use Stems and Roots

My Body 4.2.2015

Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we’re sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun. Today: One person’s discarded vegetable parts; another’s dinner. That’s why we’re revisiting these tips for getting the most out of your market haul. “It’s easy to forget, leaves and stalks are parts of a … Read More

5 Easy Steps To Get Happy Through Food

My Body 1.7.2015

As you’re planning your 4th of July picnic and hoping for a happy event, know this: a new study says high fat foods are linked to depression by changing the chemicals in your brain and shifting your behavior.  If you flip that thought, a healthier diet can send your body and mind in a more … Read More

The New Guidelines on Natural Sunscreen

My Body 29.5.2015

Summer is finally here, but before you head to the beach, make sure you’re armed with the right sunscreen and information about what will protect you in the sun, safely. This year, there’s plenty of new information to help you understand the sunscreens that are right for you, offering good protection, but free of ingredients … Read More

Why You Need Sunscreen for Your Hair

My Body 5.6.2015

For years, you’ve been asking your friends, family members and significant others to “get your back” when applying sunscreen, but you might still be missing a crucial area: your hair. While protecting your skin from sun damage is common knowledge, your hair also suffers from UVA and UVB damage. At a time when more than … Read More

Real Reasons You Should Plan A Spring Detox

My Body 1.4.2015

Spring has sprung and just as your house needs a good cleaning, your body does too.  Here are some tangible, top reasons why a spring cleanse is a good idea for your body and soul! Energy Boost If heavy comfort or processed foods, alcohol and sweets have crept into your cold winter eating habits; spring … Read More

Eat Fat and Get Thin – Mark Hyman, MD Tells Us How

My Body 26.2.2016

There are so many myths about fat floating around. I’m sure you’ve heard all of them: Fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, leads to  diabesity; saturated fat is bad; vegetable oils are good … We could go on. None of these beliefs about fat are true. In his latest book,  Eat Fat, Get Thin (eatfatgetthin.com), Mark Hyman, … Read More

5 Colorful Picks for Hot Kicks

My Body 20.7.2015

You can kiss your uncomfortable shoes goodbye, because sneakers are now totally acceptable to wear everywhere — even to the office or on a date! Need proof? In the past few years, sneaker sales surged, with sales of running shoes shifted away from high-performance technical shoes designed for athletes, and moved to cheaper models meant … Read More

Which Workouts Keep the Body Young?

My Body 18.3.2016

It doesn’t take much to feel younger: drive less and walk more or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Regular exercise keeps our brains young, according to a recent study from Harvard. Add to that, recent research in The Journal Physiology, which suggests that older, active adults can have physical health that is closer … Read More

Are Prebiotics Better Than Probiotics?

My Body 18.3.2016

  You might already know to keep your tummy healthy by feeding it probiotics – but do you know that you might need prebiotics? Prebiotics aren’t necessarily better than probiotics, but some say it is better to balance both pre and pro for a healthy gut. Probiotics are supplements and food with active cultures, such … Read More

Is Meat Good or Bad For You?

My Body 17.6.2016

  Whether meat is good or bad depends on with whom you are talking. Paleo enthusiasts say meat is essential to longevity. Vegans will tell you to avoid it at all costs. There are very real concerns involving meat, including the ethical treatment of animals and their impact on the environment, as well as medical … Read More

Can Bacon Flavored Seaweed Be the New Kale?

My Body 12.2.2016

You probably know someone who swears that everything is better with bacon (maybe it’s you). Even the Food Network has a dedicated page to all things bacon. If you like the taste of bacon (there are scientific reasons it tastes so good), but shun the potential negative health implications, a new kind of snack might … Read More