5 Easy Changes to Avoid Heart Disease

My Body 12.2.2016

Garlic for a healthy heart? According to a new study, it seems we could all benefit! More men and women die from heart disease than any other condition; it’s the nation’s number one killer. Since February is National Heart Month, why not start or reexamine simple life changes that can impact your heart health immediately? … Read More

De-stress and Be More Beautiful

My Body 11.3.2016

  If you want to improve your appearance, tackle your stress. Research shows that stress can ruin your looks, because of cortisol, the stress hormones that rages through our body in times of stress. Though helpful when running from a bear, in modern life, and over time, stress is not beneficial for health and beauty. … Read More

How to Create Healthy Happiness Around Comfort Foods

My Body 8.7.2015

If your mom or dad lovingly made you a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup when you came home from soccer practice as a kid, you probably still feel wonderful when you have that combo today. Comfort foods are often attached to loving memories, according to a recent study, and each time we eat them, … Read More

The Best and Worst Add-Ins at the Salad Bar

My Body 4.3.2016

  Want a healthier meal and more veggies? Go for salad. Seems simple enough, but salad bars are so elaborate these days, there are more hidden health dangers than you might think when you’re creating your own plate of goodness. Here’s a go-to guide to make sure your healthy salad is really the healthiest it … Read More

Foraging for Food: Pros and Cons of “Shopping” in the Wild

My Body 19.2.2016

With all our love for shopping at farmer’s markets, finding food closer to its source versus on the grocery shelves, it makes sense that the eco-foodie in all of us is curious about taking it one step further: foraging, or “shopping” in the wild. Like wild animals, which forage for food to survive, humans are … Read More

Say Goodbye to Headaches For Good

My Body 6.1.2016

If you take medication regularly for headaches, but can’t seem to shake them, you could be doing more harm than good. It turns out that misusing medication, such as aspirin, sinus medication, sedatives, and headache remedies that contain caffeine, for longer than the three-day limit on the bottle, for example, can cause rebound headaches. Fortunately, … Read More

The One Way To Keep Your Weight in Check and Be Well

My Body 18.1.2016

  Every year, fitness, health, and eating well are at the top of the resolution list. Meantime, a recent report said the top factor in contributing to obesity, a risk factor for health problems like heart disease, diabetes, snoring, and back pain, is portion control. Doctors say if you can control your meal portions, you … Read More

5 Apps to Improve Your Relationship With Food

My Body 15.7.2015

Food is tricky.  We need food to live, but how and why we eat is often complicated by a variety of factors. Awareness may be the answer, and it starts with paying more attention to what goes in your mouth.  Guess what, there’s an app for that!  The following five picks for apps that can … Read More

Thomas Keller’s Butternut Squash Soup with Brown Butter

My Body 10.12.2014

You might not always be sure where Thomas Keller is leading you — and you probably won’t be able to make out all four types of allium in the end — but you can count on everything working together to surprise you. It’s why his restaurants are worth the price, his books points for reference and inspiration, … Read More

Stop Counting Calories To Live Longer

My Body 30.11.2015

If you’ve been counting calories, now is the time to stop. There’s a healthier way to lose weight, and it doesn’t require any math at all. According to a new study, if you want to maintain a healthy weight and live longer, the trick isn’t to count your calories. Instead, focus on eating nutritious food. … Read More

How to Supercharge Your Flu Shot

My Body 2.11.2015

So you made the decision to get the flu shot just in time to let the antibodies develop in your body and protect you against our flu season. By most estimates, the flu shot prevents infection 50% to 70% of the time. And even if you do get sick, the shot can make your milder … Read More