The 7 Sex Questions Every Couple Has to Answer

My Body 11.2.2015

Planning a wedding is an incredibly busy and exciting time for any couple, but in the hustle and bustle of invitations, color schemes, programs, and dresses, it’s important not to forget to plan for what comes after your wedding. As a psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy(link is external), I’d suggest paying special attention to one crucial aspect of … Read More

Does Fighting Really Energize Your Sex Life?

My Body 15.10.2014

“Of course, we fight!” John said, “All couples do; that’s normal!” He looked at me incredulously, as Mary quickly added with a tight smile, “But then we have ‘make-up sex.’ And that makes things better.” Nevertheless, they sought therapy over their concern about the long-term impact of this “normal” pattern. Perhaps you share John and Mary’s experience or views. … Read More