April Holmes has redefined what it means to be disabled. Through faith, dedication, consistency, and support, she has rewritten the record books, breaking the Paralypmic World records in the 100, 200, and 400 meter sprints. April was involved in a train accident in 2001 that resulted in the loss of her left leg below her knee. While she lay in a hospital bed, her doctor told her about the Paralympic Games and a new goal was firmly implanted in her mind. When we caught up with April recently, she had us playing basketball in wheel chairs, to open our minds to a difference perspective. It was quite an education. April also has been a real inspiration for me. I hope you enjoy her perspective on well-being

  • What is your well-being aha moment?

    The countless days that I believe in me…in-spite of. The world can place many negative distractors in your path, so that you begin questioning your value. However, there are countless days that I wake to look in the mirror and still love my self even if I look sleepy, even if I see a gray hair, even if I look like I may have gained or lost a pound. That is the best well-being that I know.

  • Describe your perfect day of being well.

    A perfect day of well-being is when you are connected spiritually, physically, and mentally to happiness. Sometimes we become so consumed with routine or daily task that we forget to smile and pursue happiness in our lives.

  • Describe your usual well-being routine.

    When I wake in the morning, shortly after putting on my prosthetic leg, I stand in front of the mirror with a big smile and tell myself that I was born to be a winner. This simple gesture between me and the person in the glass is so monumental to my day and attitude. This conversation with myself is my grounding symbolism in the event something or someone comes along during the course of my day to disprove my winning mentality.

  • What’s in your fridge?

    I have such a wide variety of things in my fridge. For whatever reason, I am a huge condiment person, so you can find all kinds of different marinades and salad dressings. I also try and eat salad at least once a day and plenty of fruits. My freezer is full of chicken, fish, and exotic fruit purees. Mom bought me a Ninja blender for Christmas so I have turned into the smoothie queen.

  • What’s your favorite workout?

    Workouts always depend on how my body feels. I usually love cardio workouts where I feel like I am burning a ton of calories while being light on my feet. Those types of workouts I feel are transferable to the track once I get out there to do sprinting workouts.

  • What’s your favorite health drink?

    I am a huge smoothie person! Since I love fruit and I tolerate certain vegetables, you can catch me with a smoothie at least once a day. I also have grown to appreciate coconut water. When working out, it’s either water or Gatorade to keep me going.

  • What’s your favorite health food/meal?

    I would have to say fruit. I have tried many different bars and only found one that I am very fond of. However give me almost any kind of fruit and I am excited.

  • What time is your alarm set for?

    Depends on the day of the week. I typically practice around 10am. However there are a few days that I get to sleep in.