A Simple Cure to Impulsive Overspending

My Mind 3.10.2014

If you, like many, impulsively spend and then regret it, there is a simple cure. Gratitude. A study recently published in Psychological Science shows that an attitude of gratitude tempers impulsive urges. In the study, participants had the option of choosing 54 dollars now, or 80 dollars in a month.The researchers then induced moods of … Read More

The 12-Step Plan to Stay In Control of Holiday Spending

My Mind 30.11.2015

The competition for your holiday spending dollars is more intense than ever before, with serious sales underway before you finish your sweet potatoes. You know you want to be as generous as possible, but you’re feeling a little stressed out by money matters. The 12 Days of Christmas might be a holiday carol about what … Read More

How to Drought-Proof Your Grocery Bill

My Mind 19.10.2015

California, in its fourth year of a historic drought, produces half of the nation’s fruits and veggies.  Will the lack of water on the west coast mean huge food costs for all?  Keep calm and eat on with this our three-step plan to drought-proof your grocery bill. Step 1:  Don’t Panic. Plan. According to the … Read More

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs and Business Startups Should Journal

My Mind 1.4.2015

The first assignment I give my career coaching and consulting clients is to go out and purchase a journal. Not because I want to hear about what they made for dinner, but because I know they’re about to encounter a lot of information and emotions they’ll need to get out of their heads. For someone exploring career change … Read More

3 Excellent Career Advice Resources for Job Seekers

My Mind 5.11.2014

Searching for career development resources can be overwhelming and frustrating. There are endless amounts of information online, but much of it is outdated or too general to be truly helpful. When clients ask me questions about resumes, cover letters, and job interviews, I often give them the homework assignment of exploring some of my favorite online resources. … Read More