Well-being Is the New Power Meeting

My Mind 9.2.2015

Happy employees often mean a happy workplace.  Research shows that an employee’s feelings of well-being are big factor in employee satisfaction. For a healthier and more productive work place, ditch the conference room, restaurant, or bar for your next power meeting! Instead, boost employee well-being with these healthier alternatives. Walk (or Picnic) in the Park … Read More

3 Ways to Work Less and Be More Productive

My Mind 26.10.2015

  If you feel like you are getting less and less done at work, and you’re falling ever further behind, longer days and late nights might not be the answer. A boost of increased productivity might be exactly what you need to help you stay on task and get more done in less time, which … Read More

How To Catch a Cat Nap for More Brain Power

My Mind 10.8.2015

It’s 2pm and you can barely stay awake.  What to do?  Tap in to your toddler days and grab a nap. Science supports 20-30 minute cat napping for a whole host of health reasons, including mental focus.  So, if you’re feeling sleepy, here’s why you should give in and snooze for a bit. Napping Turbo … Read More

How to Boost Your Brainpower By Cooking for the Holidays

My Mind 18.11.2015

Sudoku is not your only option if you want to boost your brainpower. Studies show that you must exercise your brain to keep your brain’s “muscles” from getting weak, which also prevents conditions such as dementia. At the same time, you can enhance your brain’s capabilities, including memory and focus. If you love food already, … Read More

How to Stop Your Mind From Wandering (When You Want It To)

My Mind 21.9.2015

Sure, when you need to be creative, let your mind roam free and formless on an exploration that is wild and curious.  How else do you come up with sparkling ideas and imagine the impossible? When you have to take action, though, it’s time to rein it in and stop your mind from wandering. Gather … Read More

5 Ways to Go “BE” Great

My Mind 24.7.2015

Admittedly, I’m known for this tag line.  It came to me many years ago while I was sitting in meditation repeating Gandhi’s words of wisdom . . . “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” As a person who struggled with inferiority complexes and addictive behaviors, I was no stranger … Read More

10 Troubling Facts About Antidepressants

My Mind 10.6.2015

The depression epidemic rages around us. Some 38 million American adults –our teachers, our lawyers, our cousins, our friends–struggle with depression. The WorldHealth Organization projects that by 2030, the amount of disability and life lost due to depression will be greater than that from war, accidents, cancer, stroke, or any other health condition besides heart … Read More

If You Want To Change Your Life, Write Down Your Goals

My Mind 3.6.2015

If you want to bring out the best in yourself, take this big step: write down your goals. If you take the time to hone in on goals that you want to achieve now and in the long run, you can connect your actions to your purpose in life. How does writing it all down … Read More

The Importance of Being Alone

My Mind 1.6.2015

For many of us, alone is a negative state of being. Society doesn’t help us with this either; being alone often carries a social stigma, implying isolation, being on the outside. This perceived sense of aloneness seems to imply that being by one’s self is not volitional, that it’s not a choice we make but … Read More

The Science Behind the Joy of Sharing Joy

My Mind 15.4.2015

Positive experiences happen to us everyday yet we don’t always take full advantage of them. Have you ever noticed that it could be a great day (you had 8 hours of sleep, it’s the weekend, had a great conversation with a friend etc…) but that it takes just one harsh word from someone or one piece … Read More

Life Is Too Short: 10 Things Not Worth Tolerating

My Mind 22.4.2015

What are you presently tolerating in your life? Are you a few pounds overweight; maybe you’re at a job you dislike, or so disorganized you can’t find anything, much less some time to sit and relax? In order to be happier, more productive, more resilient, and healthier, stop tolerating these 10 things today: Being Unhealthy.  With … Read More