The Paradox of Change: An Open Letter to Change Seekers

My Mind 8.4.2015

The Paradox of Change I hear you say things aren’t quite right these days, that you’re eager for change. And underneath that eagerness lies some fear. And underneath that fear, something deeply unknown. I recognize the courage it has taken you to tell me. Remember that courage when parts of you resist the changes you seek. Change … Read More

10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

My Mind 16.3.2015

I was inspired to write this blog post when my friend sent me an article from called “Confessions of a Burnt-Out Physician.” Having experienced burnout myself, I’m keenly aware of the toll it takes on people who are trying to do good work in the world. Her story has stayed with me as I’ve gone on … Read More

Running Toward Fear: The Key to Reducing Anxiety

My Mind 4.3.2015

We all feel fear. If we didn’t, our species would have ceased to exist long ago. Fear signals us that something is wrong, that a risk of harm is present, or that we must fight or flee the situation. We survive because fear exists as a reaction. To understand fear, we must look to our histories … Read More

The Importance of Zest & Enthusiasm to Your Well-Being

My Mind 9.3.2015

“Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” Garth Brooks How do you feel each morning? Do you wake up feeling tired and depleted, or are you full of energy, ready to take on the day? That ability to feel engaged and activated, ready to start the day is not … Read More

How Desire Fools Us: The Benefits and Dangers of The Chase

My Mind 19.2.2015

Why do we love to chase? What is so intriguingly attractive about hard-to-get partners, Black Friday sales, and the very latest iPhone? Whether it’s for a trophy, a promotion, a slice at a popular pizza parlor, or Twitter followers, desire simply gets us all fired up. Anticipatory Joy A cat will chase a toy mouse because a good … Read More

The Best Kept Secrets to Exceptional Productivity

My Mind 2.2.2015

Our culture has become one of compulsive overworking. An announcement that a 21-year-old Merril Lynch employee appears to have worked himself to death after 72 hours in the office is just one extreme example. Most “successful” people – whether they are start-up founders in Silicon Valley, university students, wealthy entrepreneurs, politicians, medical professionals, corporate lawyers and even … Read More

To Treat Depression, Drugs or Therapy?

My Mind 14.1.2015

You’re feeling down, and your doctor or therapist has confirmed it: You have depression. Now what? Until recently, many experts thought that your clinician could literally pick any antidepressant or type of psychotherapy at random because, with a few clinical exceptions, there was little evidence to favor one treatment over another for a given patient. … Read More

5 Surprising Techniques to Increase Your Creativity

My Mind 2.1.2015

Writers, advertising executives, entrepreneurs, and many other occupations require creativity in order to succeed. Trying to increase creativity by sitting at a desk or staring out the office window often doesn’t work. What strategies will improve your creativity? Walking. A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory and Cognition (April 2014) found … Read More

Why You Deserve a Break, From Yourself

My Mind 22.12.2014

Do you find that there is a critical voice in your head that follows you around all day and all night? It may pop up as you get out of bed (“Late again!”) or when you look in the mirror (“You look exhausted.”) Or maybe you notice it when you get to work. (“You never … Read More

3 Big Perfectionism Struggles for Women

My Mind 15.12.2014

I had a great conversation recently with a coaching client of mine about perfectionism. We are both recovering perfectionists and enjoyed tossing around old “war” stories about the problems perfectionism has created in our lives. Many of the women I coach will at some point or another face the fact that they, too, have been … Read More

Why You Need to Light Up Your Life

My Mind 1.12.2014

Depression affects one out of five Americans and is poised to become the biggest source of worldwide disability. Why is depression reaching such epidemic proportions? One important, and overlooked, factor: the dreadful effects of modern lighting conditions. Our capacity for mood evolved in the context of a rotating Earth, with its predictable 24-hour cycle of … Read More

Five Ways Writing Can Make You Braver and Happier

My Mind 8.12.2014

“You wouldn’t believe how much joy and courage people find when they write about what really matters to them,” my friend Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg told me. We were talking about the writing workshop she had just led for people with serious illness, which included participants living with late-stage cancer, M.S., Parkinson’s, and other life-changing diagnoses. Caryn is no … Read More