Put Down That Phone: Unplug Now to Improve Your Focus

My Mind 14.4.2014

You probably knew about the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging that took place a few weeks ago. Surely a tweet or Facebook post informed you of the news, right? After all, with instant access to even the tiniest bit of information always at our disposal, there’s a good chance you saw something about it. … Read More

Unforgettable: How Your Mind Can Remember Anything

My Mind 24.3.2014

An essential part of life is being able to recall what happened earlier, whether that’s seconds, days or even years ago. This process of recollection — our memory — has various aspects, with each one taking in information, storing it and accessing it as needed. There are three types of memory that we continually call … Read More

Treating Depression Without Medication: 5 Holistic Approaches

My Mind 11.2.2014

Depression can be a very serious condition, and even with a mild case, it’s important to seek a doctor’s advice. Many people with mild forms of depression, however, find it possible to go without prescription medication by shifting focus to more natural ways of dealing with depression. Always consult your doctor first when dealing with … Read More