Back to School Inspiration for Grown Ups: How to Succeed at Work

My Mind 16.9.2015

No matter how old you are, doesn’t September always feel like back-to-school time? A fresh backpack and some new classmates always made you feel like you’re starting a brand new chapter each fall. Maybe you’re not doing Algebra in the classroom anymore, but those fond back-to-school habits can be reimagined as adult learning moments to … Read More

Bored? Good! 3 Reasons Why Boredom is Healthy

My Mind 25.3.2016

“I’m booooored!” That saying may harken back to your childhood, but when was the last time you were truly bored?  Health and happiness are greatly affected by allowing for some mental downtime.  Here’s why boredom is healthy and how to get more of it into your life. Get Bored for Bright Ideas According to a … Read More

5 Big Reasons Mindfulness Makes Your Life Better

My Mind 9.10.2015

Be “mindful,” but practice clearing your mind to do that. It can be confusing, but there is a real reason that freeing your mind to use your mind optimally is good for your health and wellbeing. Science now backs up the art of awareness, often practiced through mindfulness meditation, which helps you clear clutter from … Read More

Simple Ways to Be More Present in Our Everyday Lives

My Mind 17.6.2015

Waking Mindfully: What is your routine when you wake up? Hit the alarm clock and jump out of bed? Snooze button for half an hour? Waking is an important part of the day—you wouldn’t have much of a day without it! Honor this time with a refreshing mindfulness practice that feels right for you. For … Read More

How Not To Embarrass Yourself at Holiday Parties

My Mind 4.12.2015

You know the embarrassing person from the holiday party that causes high drama or makes for great gossip after the fact? Don’t be that person. In fact, your holidays will be happier if you get ready to shine, rather than embrace regret. Make It Hard to Get to the Bar  When you’ve had too much … Read More

How to Find Gratitude Everyday

My Mind 23.11.2015

At the Thanksgiving dinner table family and friends gather to give thanks for loved ones, health, kindness, a warm meal, and/or the ability to be together. But, gratitude can happen in any setting, at any time, and it’s important for your wellbeing to find it in your life, regularly. A range of studies show that … Read More

5 Mindful Living Practices That Can Prevent the Blues For Life

My Mind 26.8.2015

Take a page out of groundbreaking research to prevent the blues, naturally. A new study  found mindful therapy to be as effective as anti-depressants in some patients. Being mindful means living fully in the present – conscious of your life and what’s happening in it.  These actions are easier said than done, but not impossible. … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 60-something-plus

My Mind 14.8.2015

Your life has been a full schedule of work, kids, and commitments for decades. In these years, you have plenty of time to be active and more freedom than any 60-something generation before you. But, what do you do with all this free time on your hands? Here are 5 priorities to live out your … Read More

How Not to Get Hangry

My Mind 9.11.2015

  Hangry just made it into the urban dictionary, but chances are it’s a word you already know, because if you’ve ever been hungry enough to lose your cool, you’ve been hangry. As you may have figured, hangry is an amalgam of hungry and angry, and it happens when you go too long without eating. … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 50-something

My Mind 10.7.2015

I’ll be honest, I’m a few years from turning 50, and I’m just starting to peel back the label on what this really means. What should I be doing in my 50s to keep growing and fulfill myself spiritually?  From my wise relatives and friends whose lives are enviable, I’m told it’s all about legacy … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 40-something

My Mind 15.6.2015

In your 40s, you’re on a personal path with a good idea of what rocks your world, spiritually. Your focus, once about taking it all in and figuring out what you want to be and do, is less about wide ranging exploration and more about soulful growth that is deep and enriching. 1. Deepen Your … Read More

6 Ways to Be More Positive Today and Everyday

My Mind 20.5.2015

Positive thinking helps combat stress, and less stress means fewer ill effects on the body and soul.  Everyday, more and more research shows that to be true! So, pump up the positive, beyond talk of the glass half full, and try these six ways to be more positive today – right away! Gratitude Journal Write … Read More