How To Be Healthy Without Becoming “That Person”

My Mind 27.4.2015

There’s a fine line between being healthy and turning up your nose at a birthday cake somebody lovingly baked for you. You don’t want to be “that person” – the one no one can be around because you’ve taken your health obsession to the point you don’t enjoy living freely anymore. You’re so rigid about … Read More

Money Mindfulness: How to Do A 30-day Spending Cleanse

My Mind 2.3.2015

Could you spend nothing, not a red cent, for 30 days?  You have to pay the mortgage or rent and keep the lights on, but all those extras, lunches out, pedicures, new clothes, would be off limits on your dollar diet. A 30-day money cleanse is an eye opening look at spending habits. Here are … Read More

How To Get Back On Track After the Holidays

My Mind 2.1.2015

The holidays have come and gone, but you can feel the season’s impact long after your last sip of eggnog.  Getting back on track doesn’t have to be daunting.  Life Coach Ginger Jenks, CEO of Magellan Enterprises says it begins with a “keystone habit.” Form A Keystone Habit “Don’t try to implement a bunch of … Read More

5 Ways to Recognize & Reduce Holiday Stress

My Mind 3.12.2014

Despite entertaining, spending money on gifts, family pressures, high expectations, and travel, the holidays don’t have to be stressful! Here are five specific things you can do to recognize and reduce holiday stress. First: Know It When You Experience It As opposed to year-round stress caused by work and other things, holiday stress is caused … Read More

Improve Addiction Recovery With Mindfulness

My Mind 21.11.2014

Addiction has generally been characterized as a chronic relapsing condition, causing physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, such as alcohol, or compulsive involvement in an activity, such as gambling. Current research data suggests that the lack of mindfulness may reinforce addictive behavior and furthermore, teaching mindfulness skills or practices may be one reason … Read More

How to Be Mindful During the Holidays

My Mind 14.11.2014

The most wonderful time of the year is often the most stressful.  Why?  We try to cram too much (parties, decorating, shopping, baking, activities) into too little (about 30 days).  The secret to saner holidays?  Mindfulness. Mindfulness starts with learning to be present.  Notice what’s occurring in the moment: in your surroundings, mind, body, and … Read More

How to Trust Your Gut and Use It Wisely

My Mind 27.10.2014

Butterflies in your stomach, a voice in your head, a sixth sense not to walk down a certain street…is gut instinct real?  Research says yes.  Here’s the science behind gut instinct and information on how to hone yours. What Gut instinct is the intersection of the brain and belly.  The brain perceives something (a sound, … Read More

5 Yoga Tips for Over-Achievers

My Mind 13.10.2014

If you’re grunting and gripping your way through a yoga class, trying to force your way into poses or go harder and faster than everyone else, you may be an over-achiever heading toward injury and missing the point of yoga entirely. Take a breath or two to rethink your yoga practice.  Here are five tips … Read More

How Yogis (and You) Get Grounded In the Fall

My Mind 3.9.2014

You can literally feel things shifting come Fall. Very quickly, the still, hot, sticky summer gives way to a crisper air, falling leaves and an earth that seems to be moving beneath you when the wind whips through and leaves slide down the street or your umbrella blows away. Energetically, you could feel like a … Read More

How to Keep Calm on a Family Vacation

My Mind 13.8.2014

When parents and their kids embark on a vacation, expenses and expectations can lead to heightened friction and anxiety in the form of irritability, tense conflicts and even tears.  Here are some simple tips to avoid trip tensions and create more joyous and loving family time on your getaway. 1. Expect Stress Vacation tension that … Read More

The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home

My Mind 28.7.2014

One of my favorite habits that I’ve created since I changed my life 9 years ago is having a decluttered home. I now realize that I always disliked the clutter, but I put off thinking about it because it was unpleasant. The thought of having to deal with all that clutter was overwhelming, and I … Read More