Simple Ways to Be More Present in Our Everyday Lives

My Mind 17.6.2015

Waking Mindfully: What is your routine when you wake up? Hit the alarm clock and jump out of bed? Snooze button for half an hour? Waking is an important part of the day—you wouldn’t have much of a day without it! Honor this time with a refreshing mindfulness practice that feels right for you. For … Read More

The 12-Step Plan to Stay In Control of Holiday Spending

My Mind 30.11.2015

The competition for your holiday spending dollars is more intense than ever before, with serious sales underway before you finish your sweet potatoes. You know you want to be as generous as possible, but you’re feeling a little stressed out by money matters. The 12 Days of Christmas might be a holiday carol about what … Read More

How Not To Embarrass Yourself at Holiday Parties

My Mind 4.12.2015

You know the embarrassing person from the holiday party that causes high drama or makes for great gossip after the fact? Don’t be that person. In fact, your holidays will be happier if you get ready to shine, rather than embrace regret. Make It Hard to Get to the Bar  When you’ve had too much … Read More

Detox Your Negative Energy in 2016

My Mind 4.1.2016

Whine less and win more in 2016. You’ll discover more health and happiness, plus possibly realize your dreams! Be Positively Productive Persistent whining shrinks the hippocampus, a vital part of the brain for cognitive function and information retention. Problems with it can lead to brain cell death and boosted stress hormone levels, according to Stanford … Read More

How to Find Gratitude Everyday

My Mind 23.11.2015

At the Thanksgiving dinner table family and friends gather to give thanks for loved ones, health, kindness, a warm meal, and/or the ability to be together. But, gratitude can happen in any setting, at any time, and it’s important for your wellbeing to find it in your life, regularly. A range of studies show that … Read More

How to Drought-Proof Your Grocery Bill

My Mind 19.10.2015

California, in its fourth year of a historic drought, produces half of the nation’s fruits and veggies.  Will the lack of water on the west coast mean huge food costs for all?  Keep calm and eat on with this our three-step plan to drought-proof your grocery bill. Step 1:  Don’t Panic. Plan. According to the … Read More

3 Ways to Work Less and Be More Productive

My Mind 26.10.2015

  If you feel like you are getting less and less done at work, and you’re falling ever further behind, longer days and late nights might not be the answer. A boost of increased productivity might be exactly what you need to help you stay on task and get more done in less time, which … Read More

5 Mindful Living Practices That Can Prevent the Blues For Life

My Mind 26.8.2015

Take a page out of groundbreaking research to prevent the blues, naturally. A new study  found mindful therapy to be as effective as anti-depressants in some patients. Being mindful means living fully in the present – conscious of your life and what’s happening in it.  These actions are easier said than done, but not impossible. … Read More

Your Top 5 Spiritual Priorities If You’re 60-something-plus

My Mind 14.8.2015

Your life has been a full schedule of work, kids, and commitments for decades. In these years, you have plenty of time to be active and more freedom than any 60-something generation before you. But, what do you do with all this free time on your hands? Here are 5 priorities to live out your … Read More

How To Catch a Cat Nap for More Brain Power

My Mind 10.8.2015

It’s 2pm and you can barely stay awake.  What to do?  Tap in to your toddler days and grab a nap. Science supports 20-30 minute cat napping for a whole host of health reasons, including mental focus.  So, if you’re feeling sleepy, here’s why you should give in and snooze for a bit. Napping Turbo … Read More

How to Boost Your Brainpower By Cooking for the Holidays

My Mind 18.11.2015

Sudoku is not your only option if you want to boost your brainpower. Studies show that you must exercise your brain to keep your brain’s “muscles” from getting weak, which also prevents conditions such as dementia. At the same time, you can enhance your brain’s capabilities, including memory and focus. If you love food already, … Read More

How Not to Get Hangry

My Mind 9.11.2015

  Hangry just made it into the urban dictionary, but chances are it’s a word you already know, because if you’ve ever been hungry enough to lose your cool, you’ve been hangry. As you may have figured, hangry is an amalgam of hungry and angry, and it happens when you go too long without eating. … Read More