Here’s a beauty secret worth knowing: glowing skin often comes from the inside out.  Instead of pricey potions and beauty balms, try these four overlooked tricks to sensational skin.

Fifteen facial muscles work together to help you laugh and smile, and all that laughing increases blood flow around your face.  You’ll pump up circulation to your tiny face capillaries, resulting in vibrant, radiant looking skin.  Smiling helps you look younger too.  Research shows that a smiling person seems about two years younger than they actually are.

Listen to Your Mom
If your mom ever said, “Wash your face before bed” or  “You don’t need makeup,” she was right. If you rolled your eyes in your younger years, you’re probably more open to the wisdom now. Your skin is your largest organ and its pores can become clogged by the pollutants, dirt and the grime of life.  Dermatologists agree: washing your face nightly is vital to a fresh face.  Make-up is also a pore-clogging culprit. Consider wearing less makeup or take a makeup detox to allow your skin to breathe.  There’s a medical reason to ditch makeup too: a study found that certain beauty products may cause early menopause.

Search Nature for Skin Care
Try skin care products from nature.  Honey is full of antioxidants, which help with aging skin and wrinkles.  Honey also has antibacterial qualities that help with skin irritations and can unclog pores.  Oils such as castor, olive oil, sunflower, safflower and coconut oil are excellent for moisturizing.  Try these natural concoctions for beautiful skin.

  • Cleaners:  Honey dissolves make-up.  Mix with oil, apply to face and rinse.
  • Masks:  Spread a tablespoon of honey all over your face.  Let the mask sit for 5-30 minutes, and rinse.  Follow with a mixture of 1 Tablespoon buttermilk, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 egg yolk.  Apply to face for 20 minutes, and rinse.
  • Moisturizer: Argan (from kernels of a tree grown in Morocco) and coconut oil are great for hydrating skin.  After washing face apply a small amount either oil to the face and neck.

Self-acceptance may be the biggest beauty booster of all.  There’s no cream, potion, pill or injection that can fight the negative pull of self-loathing.  There’s a psychology behind self-love and beauty, so love your self from the inside out.  Your skin will show it.