Winter can mean a total upheaval of your regular beauty routine. Between harsh, cold winds and the constant blast of furnaces indoors, taking care of yourself in the colder months requires a special approach. A few simple changes and substitutions to your regular routine, and winter beauty can be easier than you think – inside and out.

Shorten Showers, Shift Shampooing
Showers need to be shorter, and probably not as hot as you desire. Moisturize as soon as you can after a shower to seal in moisture, and, to prevent static electricity during the colder months, cut back on washing your hair as often as you did in the summer. As an added bonus, you won’t have to use a blow dryer as often, which reduces damage from heat styling. Another option that can help reduce static electricity is adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair routine.

Use Food and Water to Balance Winter Effects
According to Ayurveda,the ancient Indian system of natural healing, winter is all about eating more stews, soups, warm herbal tea, avocados, and steamed vegetables.  Winter is also an excellent time to incorporate more Omega-3s into your diet. The fatty acids will help keep your skin looking supple. Be sure to drink more water too to combat the dehydrating effects of indoor heating.

Manage Your Sleep Schedule Differently
Because the days are shorter in winter, your brain produces more melatonin. This makes you tired. Unfortunately, we can’t (or don’t want to) go to sleep at 7 PM. So we stay awake through the early evening doldrums. This creates a cycle of our brains creating more melatonin than normal, which comes at the expense of seratonin. To avoid the winter blues, you need to make your days feel longer. Use bright lights to keep your home feeling sunny, and try not to sleep for more than eight hours. You also need to limit the number of naps you take.

Use Exercise to Battle Calories and Boost Mood
Start exercising now, before that winter sluggishness kicks in. If you’ve got some momentum going by the time January comes around, you might make it through this winter without turning into a human-shaped lump on your couch. And you do need to exercise in the winter as well. It will help stabilize your mood, give you more energy, and fight off all the extra calories that accompany holiday get togethers.

With a just a few easy steps, you could come out the other side of winter looking and feeling better than you did when it started!