Food is tricky.  We need food to live, but how and why we eat is often complicated by a variety of factors. Awareness may be the answer, and it starts with paying more attention to what goes in your mouth.  Guess what, there’s an app for that!  The following five picks for apps that can help you improve your relationship with food.

Eat Slower
A bell tells you when to take your next bite.   Simply set a timer based on the interval you want, and each time the bell goes off, it’s time to take a bite. This app helps you slow down and savor your food.  It cuts down on multi-tasking, mindless eating, and often results in eating smaller portions.  Cost:  Free.

Harvest App  Is that pineapple ripe?  Are those blueberries bad?  Harvest app to the rescue.  This app tells you how to select and store produce, let’s you know what’s in season, and even gives you a glimpse of possible produce pesticide levels (check our 2015 guide for safe fruits and veggies).  Cost:  $1.99

Coach Alba This app is a cheerleader or coach from the privacy of your very own phone.  Based on the theory that there are crucial moments throughout the day that make one abandon healthy behavior, Coach Alba intervenes with supportive texts.  “It’s 3pm, time to snack on an apple and go for a walk” may be just the reminder you need as you crave a bag of chips and a date with a reality show.  Cost:  $29.99 a year

Clean Plates Searching for a restaurant that offers great vegetarian and gluten free fare? Or maybe, you’re traveling and want something low on fat and high on organic produce.  Clean Plates can tell you restaurants that are close to you that fit the bill.  The app has a database of clean food eateries that are uber healthy as well as uber good! Cost:  Free

Fooducate Think of this as a report card for your food.  You’re about to plop instant oatmeal in your grocery cart.  This app scans the product’s bar code and gives the item a grade.  The seemingly healthy oatmeal gets a B, due to added sugars, artificial sweeteners and being highly processed.  The app also offers healthier alternatives that are right there in the grocery store.  Cost:  Free

So grab your phone and let tech work for you.  You may be one app away from a healthier relationship with food – and a healthier you!