Although candy, treats and expensive dinners are great Mother’s Day presents in theory, the best gift you can give is one that promotes a long, healthy life. Here are five healthy ideas that will please your mom and increase your quality time together.

  1. Visit a Farmers Market

With plenty of fresh produce and vegetables waiting for you at your local farmer’s market, plan a nutritious meal around what you find. Not only are fresh fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, but eating food grown in the local area is more sustainable for the environment, too. You and your mom can bond over health by shopping, cooking, and eating well together.

  1. Take a Nature Walk

Spend time with your mom outdoors, hike your favorite local trail, or stroll along a nearby nature walk. Not only will you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D, a nutrient crucial to bone, skin and mental health, but spending time outside can help decrease stress levels and improve your mood. Research conducted at the University of Essex found that the color green (like that found on trees, grass and other plants) makes exercise feel easier, so as you spend time with your mom, you’ll also improve your fitness.

  1. Try a New Fitness Activity

Exploring new activities can make you more creative and help you stay mentally sharp as you get older. Combining a new adventure that you and your mom can do together (like a cardio class, running or cycling class), with the advantages of exercise (weight control, improved mood, better sleep quality and more energy) can simultaneously promote togetherness and your health.

  1. Go To a Live Music Event Outdoors

Music can help prevent stress and even improve immune functioning. Bonding over a band or music genre you both like while spending time outdoors can also ease anxiety, boost social connections, and lower blood pressure.

  1. Walk for a Good Cause

Walking can help improve your mood, burn calories, strengthen your muscles and even lower your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. By signing up for a local 5k and raising money for a good cause, you’ll not only bond over your endorphin boost, but you’ll reap the benefits of philanthropy (like a longer lifespan, greater happiness and better pain management).

Don’t limit yourself to just one! These are all activities you and your mom can enjoy together. Start with your favorite, then, move to the next one. Your bond will be healthy, happy and closer than ever.