If you’re already a health-conscious person (or want to be), you probably wish you could do a better job at taking care of yourself.  But, with the busyness of life, long-term lifestyle changes that can make a big difference are often easier said than done…until now.

Your smartphone can help you be a healthier you. With a finger swipe and a click, you can turn your smartphone into a personal trainer, cooking instructor, therapist or wellness coach at a price you can afford. Here are five ways your smartphone can help you improve your health and get the most out of life:

1. Shop Well and Share. If you need a little help managing your diet, controlling calories, or making healthier food choices, look into apps like Fooducate, Harvest, and Foodily. Use these apps to find out how packaged foods measure up to being healthy while you’re doing your grocery shopping, get tips on how to choose fruits and vegetables, and swap nutritious and tasty recipes with others online.

2. Get A Little Help From Friends. Apps like MyFitnessPal and Lose It! can help you track your food choices, count calories, set goals, and enlist the help of others through social media. These comprehensive apps include everything you need to exercise regularly and stick to a nutrition plan successfully.

3. Lower Your Stress. If you don’t manage stress well, you might deal with it in unhealthy ways like eating or drinking too much. The Calm app can help you tap into a zen state-of-mind with relaxation techniques to beat stress at your office, at home or when you’re out of town.

4. Set Personal Goals and Reminders. Most of us know what we need to do, but remembering and making time are often the challenges. Apps like Fig and Lift are designed to help you drink more water, take the stairs, go for a walk, design your own goals, and customize reminders to improve your health and wellbeing.

5. Train Your Brain. Studies show that keeping your mind sharp and engaged can prevent memory loss as you get older. It’s a good reminder to embrace being a life-long learner. Apps like the Luminosity Brain Trainer and Khan Academy are loaded with resources to train your brain, improve your memory, and help you keep on learning.

Tap into the power of your smartphone, and you’ll be amazed with a little digital coaching can do for your health, mood, exercise habits, and your diet.