The idea that many men get more attractive as they age is old news, since a growing number of discerning males are actively intent on looking younger. We’re living in the middle of a significant anti-aging movement for men, and the beauty industry is pumping out male-focused “beauty” products as fast as it can.

Decline of the Silver Fox
George Clooney is the leading poster guy for the handsomely aged “silver fox” look. However, as more millennials enter adulthood, their style icons naturally skew younger, including actors still in their early 30s, such as Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who bring boyishness to their often-edgy roles.

In fact, a recent survey found that men are perceived to be most attractive at age 34. Other findings reveal that men begin to show notable aging signs at 43 and cease to appear good-looking at 58, with anything afterwards generally considered “old.”

The Hot Beauty Regime: Men Only
Men have become the most rapidly growing demographic in the global skin-care market, with nearly $3.5 billion in worldwide sales for 2013 alone. Rejuvenating male-focused spa services, which are readily available via Spafinder, have also become increasingly popular with the masculine set.

Man-centric products have hit the market en masse, by cosmetic titans such as Clinique (For Men: Anti-Age Moisturizer), Kiehl’s (Facial Fuel) and Dove (Men+Care).  Smaller companies are focused entirely on men’s care, including Lab Series, which has numerous offerings for anti-aging, including MAX LS Age-less Face Cream, FaceLube with a celebrity following, and MenScience, lauded by several men’s health guides.

Youthful Basics for Guys
Men are wising up to other ways to stay young and healthy, a realm formerly dominated by women. At the top of the list: Regular exercise to remain toned and a diet abundant in lean protein and antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruit. Also, men are keeping high levels of fat, sodium and sugar out of the picture – all of which accelerate age.

For those intent on avoiding wrinkles, stay comfortably hydrated, don’t smoke, and stay away from extensive sun exposure, particularly without adequate UV protection. It’s also important to get sufficient rest, and there are even anti-aging pillows that help to deter facial creases during sleep.

So if you’re feeling the anti-aging pull, don’t fear for your masculinity—it’s all part of being a modern man and keep you looking youthful for many years to come.

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