Spring has sprung and with it natural scents all around!  The smells of the season aren’t limited to your flower vase or a fresh new candle, though. Natural scents, when used correctly, can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Smell is a big player in the game of health.  A recent study suggests that a person’s sense of smell may predict lifespan!  Scientists have long thought that smells are uniquely linked to health.  Researchers are even looking at how just smelling coffee, as opposed to downing a cup or two, can impact the brain.

Spring brings a bounty of fresh, revitalizing smells. Just as we eat differently, come spring we tend to live differently too. We crave a fresh start and fresh smells to match. No longer hunkered in, we tend to be more active and on the go. The following scents tap into the season of renewal while also alleviating the stress and muscle aches that come with adjusting to doing and moving more after a long, hard winter.

  • Lavender –The most versatile of all the essential oils, this one has a great reputation for stress and anxiety relief, which makes it a good choice to help with sleep issues and alleviate burn out.
  • Rose – Thought to help with menstrual cramps and improve memory, rose is also known to help with depression by invoking positive thoughts and feelings of hope.
  • Jasmine – Studies have found jasmine can help with depression, because it boosts seratonin, a “feel good” hormone and inspires loving feelings.
  • Lawn or Forest Scent – Researchers discovered that the smell of a freshly-cut lawn can cut down on something else: stress, because of the way the scent communicates with your brain to calm your “fight or flight” response.

You can find essential oils at natural and health food stores and even online, then add them to moisturizers or body oil for a daily dose of wellbeing.  A few drops into your bath in the morning or evening can work wonders to start or end your day feeling good.

Spring into action and make these flower and natural scents part of your springtime ritual.