With the term “metrosexual” long faded away, well-groomed men are just that, and able to enjoy their esteemed status freely. Increasingly, more guys are joining the ranks, and they often make male skin-care products a priority. The industry is expected to grow to $6.1 billion by 2017, and for the first time, in 2013, men spent more on male-specific toiletries than shaving products.

For the male masses now looking specifically for a smooth face, here are our picks for the finest men’s skin products, with a focus on natural ingredients.

The time-honored New York City establishment Kiehl’s, which has been in business since the 1850s, has really powered up its male-oriented game in recent years with an impressive guys-only selection. They’ll also guide you through the steps of cleansing, shaving and moisturizing. Some of their products even feature a touch of caffeine for an invigorating zing.

Another venerable institution, Burt’s Bees, also offers a number of man-centric products, including shaving cream and aftershave. These items are packed with botanical extracts that are calming and hydrating, such as calendula, chamomile and sunflower. Aveeno Naturals for Men is another line with a similar approach.

The Vermont-based company Ursa Major is a newer player in the field. They run with the term “super natural” and even present a handy guide to men’s skin care. Although Ursa Major is aimed at men, it wisely doesn’t beat the masculine drum too loudly in its clean, eye-catching product design, which begs the question: Are there skin-care lines that essentially operate in unisex territory?

The answer, of course, is yes, and one of the most prominent examples is a familiar one: Aveda. The company has a few blatantly male-focused products, including a shaving cream, but it also offers a number of non-obvious guy-friendly formulations, such as a gel cleanser that doesn’t immediately bring to mind “dude.” And, speaking of dudes, Brad Pitt uses Tracie Martyn products, which we’ve featured in MyShop.

Men should note that their facial-care routine doesn’t need to cause an uncomfortable “Home Alone”-esque scream. Instead there are plenty of aftershaves, lotions and tonics that are gently revitalizing and don’t rely on skin-irritating alcohol like the male-centric products of the past. Instead, natural, plant-derived offerings, easily found for men today, tone and moisturize the face, leaving guys with a smooth, healthy-looking visage for a brave new post-metrosexual world.