Spring has sprung and just as your house needs a good cleaning, your body does too.  Here are some tangible, top reasons why a spring cleanse is a good idea for your body and soul!

Energy Boost
If heavy comfort or processed foods, alcohol and sweets have crept into your cold winter eating habits; spring is a perfect time to cleanse.  Start by eating clean.   Simply put:  if it wasn’t around 1,000 years ago, don’t eat it.  Focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains and water.  This gives your digestive system and liver a break from processing rich foods and alcohol.  The healthy food will provide vitamins and minerals that enhance health and energy.

Weight Loss
Eating like a caveman or woman will naturally reduce your caloric intake and if you do the math (3,500 calories = 1 lb.), over time, you are likely to lose weight.  Include fiber rich foods, such as apples, spinach, and white beans to help you feel satisfied and full.

Better Skin
If you’re downing water as part of your detox, your skin will thank you.  Dehydration can make skin appear dry and wrinkled; proper water intake makes for a healthier complexion. Certain foods (like fried food) can hurt your skin too. If you are doing a spring detox, those not-so-good foods shouldn’t be on the meal plan.  If you eliminate those foods, you’ll notice a big difference in your skin.

Better Sleep
Alcohol and rich foods can make for unhealthy sleep.  While alcohol can make you feel sleepy at first, it interrupts REM sleep.  REM sleep occurs about 90 minutes into hitting the hay and is the restorative sleep we all need for mental clarity and overall health. Food impacts sleep patterns too.  High fat foods are harder to digest, and when eaten close to bedtime, they make for a fitful night of shuteye.  If you take a break from heavy foods and alcohol, you’ll improve your sleep.

Confidence Builder
Who knew you could go from three cups of coffee a day – to one?  Or decrease sugar consumption from 100 grams to the newly recommended 25 grams?  These simple steps can pave a path for even bigger health and lifestyle changes.

Create small, attainable steps in your detox plan. With success comes confidence, and that’s a fresh, spring perspective we all want!