Falling leaves, dropping temperatures and shorter days signal autumn’s arrival and more time inside, which logically makes fall cleaning as vital as spring cleaning.  Why is a seasonal spruce up necessary and healthy?  Here are three reasons.

1. Decluttering is Detoxing
Is your toothbrush in the dryer? Probably not. Why? A toothbrush has its clear and proper place in your home. Look at all your stuff with this lens and begin the de-clutter process. Visual clutter creates chaos, because the eye has no place to rest. It jumps from item to item, strewn on the counter, making it harder to focus and process information. Clear out and de-clutter for more productivity in the Fall and the holidays that quickly follow. Start small, with a corner of your kitchen or shelf in your bathroom, and commit to just 15 minutes of de-cluttering. Identify items as either: 1) keepers, 2) give-aways, or 3) throw-aways. Keepers get a proper place in your home (like your toothbrush).

2. Big Ticket Items Need a Big Check-in
Cooler weather and social gatherings often increase come Fall.  This means more people inside and more wear-and-tear on things like beds, couches and kitchen appliances.  Give couches, chairs, and beds a thorough vacuuming and rotate your mattresses. Clean the fridge, shelf by shelf – even the refrigerator coils – and throw out expired food. When it comes to cleaning, pick eco-friendly cleaners or make your own!

3. Energy Enhancement Needed
How’s your home’s vibe? Health design and the much (much) older practice of Feng Shui both tell us that the stuff in our homes greatly impacts our health and thus, our lives. How?

Energy. It is important to promote the flow of vital energy into our living environments. You can do this by de-cluttering (see reason number 1!), getting rid of any broken or unloved objects, and experimenting with Feng Shui theories, such as bringing plants (vibrant life force energy) into the home, keeping the toilet seat down, (so energy can’t escape), and other tips.

So clean out, clear out and tap into ancient wisdom for a healthier and happier home this Fall.

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