If you’re feeling attached to that sweat-stained thermal shirt that got you through your first marathon (seriously), there’s a very good health benefit to getting rid of it – and other well-loved workout pieces – every spring.

Getting rid of unused stuff can revitalize you! Experts say clutter can take a toll on your emotional health. Losing things, wasting time searching, and looking at a messy space are all ways the brain can register emotional stress. Who wants that? Part of the reason we work out is to reduce stress and feel better, after all!

If you live and breathe your workouts, consider a routine cleaning, like a check up at the dentist. Items that are no longer your favorites can be donated and turn into someone else’s inspiration to exercise.

Still overwhelmed by the prospect of spring-cleaning your workout wardrobe? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Toss what’s faded or lost its shape
  2. Check out favorite look books to see if your item is still in style; if not, give it away
  3. If your items are still in great condition (emphasis on “great”), you might sell them, then use the money to update your workout wardrobe for the next year
  4. Once you’ve purged, reorganize by color, style, or reason for wearing (e.g. yoga pants go in one stack)

To keep the clothes you actually like from wearing down:

  • Wash similar colors together in cold water (a good rule for all colored clothing)
  • Hang dry most things, especially items made of stretchy fabric to preserve their elasticity
  • If you just can’t hang dry your items, at least set your dryer to low heat
  • Use scent-free detergent, which can reduce fabric breakdown over time
  • Choose the newest workout gear with anti-microbial, anti-stink technology to keep bacteria to a minimum

While spring cleaning isn’t exactly fun, there’s a big bonus: Parting with your favorite Lululemon capris with the hole in the back just might help you comply with Yoga Pants Etiquette too… for a few extra style points.