Relationships can be challenging. Then again, so is spin class, and the very thought of combining the two is enough to make us sweat – a lot.

Studies show that a workout buddy holds us accountable for workouts and even motivates us to work harder and burn more calories, but when your workout buddy is your significant other (S.O.), it can be easier to stay in and snuggle rather than hit the gym.  It might even be downright stressful to include your S.O. in the thing that helps you battle stress.

Here’s the flipside: Working out with your S.O. can help your health because the workout becomes your quality time.  When you workout more, you’ll actually stress less, sleep better, radiate healthier skin, and think with a sharper brain. Plus, exercising together, like going for a run or taking a spin class, can have a positive physical and emotional impact on your relationship, promoting feelings of synchronicity, cooperation, and shared passion.

But, just because one half of a couple enjoys long distance running or CrossFit, doesn’t mean it’s a fit for both parties. It’s really a compromise to try one another’s activities in places that are inviting for both of you. In other words, don’t take your boyfriend to a “booty camp” specially designed for women. Make it a joint activity, then, go do something you both like. Think: brunch at his favorite spot!

One complete workout has romance built right into it: partner dancing or ballroom dancing. Salsa is a serious cardio workout that works your hips, while Argentine Tango requires a lot of core strength and body control; studies have also shown it boosts brain power and balance, too.  Partner dancing will also challenge both of you to work together, which is a relationship bonus!

Activities in the great outdoors are always good for both of you: biking, hiking, and walking are also great ways to stay active together and enjoy the health benefits of fresh air and nature.

If you really can’t see eye to eye on certain workouts, train separately, then, choose one or two things you both like to do, put them on the calendar, and make it a date!