As the temperature drops, it feels so good sometimes to warm up with a cup of hot coffee. But, how much coffee is too much? And, what can you do to make sure that you’re getting the healthiest cup of coffee you can?

Do: Get Health Benefits from Coffee

In addition to warming you up and adding a little oomph to your day, coffee also comes with a load of health benefits; for example, it’s a top source of antioxidants according to one recent study. Coffee can also protect against, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and cancer, in addition to promoting heart health.

Don’t: Destroy the Goodness In Coffee

Heads up, these benefits come from actual coffee, not a pumpkin spice latte with extra whipped cream. To preserve the benefits, minimize the amount of artificial or refined sweeteners you add (although coffee with a touch of honey is fantastic), and cut back on the amount of milk in your coffee to keep calories low.

Do: Prepare Coffee with a Filter

When you prep your joe with a filter, you keep a compound called cafestol out of your coffee. Coffee made in a French press has high levels of cafestol – so doTurkish and boiled preparations. Cafestol is the oily part of coffee that can raise bad cholesterol, and darker roasts have less cafestol than lighter roasts.

Don’t: Guzzle It If You Have Certain Conditions

Everyone’s tolerance for the caffeine in coffee differs, but people who are prone to anxiety and depression probably shouldn’t reach for that second or third cup, as it can exacerbate those conditions.

Do: Buy Fresh, Organic, and Fair Trade 

You’re not only guaranteeing that the coffee you’re drinking was grown without the use of pesticides that are harmful for you and the environment, but you’re also making sure that the farmers who work hard to grow your coffee get paid a fair price and can make a living wage. While that may not have immediate health benefits, it’s certainly good for your soul.

As for instant coffee? Currently, more research is needed to determine if instant coffee is better for you than making coffee from fresh beans. For now, nothing indicates that instant coffee is any worse. The clear, good news is there’s no reason to stop enjoying your morning cup of coffee, as long as you enjoy it in moderation for a host of benefits you can enjoy, guilt free.