Since we like to match our nail polish to our outfits, the seasons and even our moods, it only makes sense that polish companies are taking it one step further, linking colors and polish names to spirituality – an emerging trend on the heels of the growing demand for non-toxic nail polish.

Mindful and non-toxic, the right nail polish can support your body, soul, and the environment!

Uplift Your Spirits

Hip yogis are turned on by a new, “spiritually stimulating” line of polish, Raga Varnish, inspired by yoga, Ayurveda, and the chakras for energy balancing. Want to feel a little more optimistic and confident? Go for Manipura; it’s yellow to match the color of the third chakra.

A few others brands and colors that help you express spirituality:

Connect To Yourself

As you eat seasonally to get in sync with nature, you can also paint seasonally with polish names like Monsoon and Mint Ice Cream by Attitude nail polish, which also produces Spiritual Guide. All colors contain a sprinkling of diamond dust and are made with natural plant extracts.

If you’re an artistic yogi, you might be inspired to match your mat’s colors to your toes and fingers for mental balance. Would it help to gaze at your toes in Downward Dog, and admire your manicure to get calm in Crow Pose? Try it out with 10 yoga mat-nail polish combinations.

Be Safe and At Peace

Safety and peace of mind can certainly lift your spirits. Mainstream brands, such as OPI and Sally Hansen, are starting to ditch some of the more alarming ingredients, while cruelty-free Karma Organic polishes claim to be safe for pregnant women, kids, cancer patients, and allergy sufferers, period. Plus, the packaging is 100% recyclable. Their soybean oil polish remover is devoid of harsh chemicals. You might also check out Honeybee Gardens and vegan polishes by Priti NYC.

A whole list of the non-toxic brands can be found here, but if you’re ever unsure, pull our your smartphone in the store and search the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database for specific brands. Taking that step might help you avoid a slew of health problems — like skin, eye, throat and nose irritation, headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Try to reduce your mani-pedis to ever other week and take the proper precautions, which can include bringing your own, toxic-free polish and seeking a polish with UV protection.  Knowing you’re healthy down to your fingertips will put your soul at ease.