Want fitness at your fingertips?  Streaming workouts via your computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet let you exercise anytime and anywhere.  While nothing compares to a live class, trainer or teacher, a streaming exercise session can be a perfect fit when life prevents you from getting to the gym or to your favorite class.  Usually, classes are sold solo in the $30 range, or by subscription, anywhere from $20-$300 per month, depending on the type of online class you choose.  Start streaming and sweat at home with more options than ever.

Ballet Body From A Pro
Ballet Beautiful offers ballet inspired fitness for all from a studio in New York City.  Created by professional ballerina and fitness guru, Mary Helen Bowers, who trained actress Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, the website features streaming classes and customized online workouts.

Cycle In the Comfort of Your Home
Peloton hails from New York, but you can be in Switzerland for all they care.  The cycle workouts offer high energy and music streamed LIVE and on demand, creating a studio-like experience with your Peloton bikes at home.

Boot Camp In Your Living Room
Crunch Gym, known for its fun and funky classes now offers streaming workouts with the Crunch Live program.  This site offers 35 different classes with names like “The Athlete’s Workout,” which features boot camp like regime set to high intensity music and a motivating instructor.

Om Online for Your Yoga
YogaWorks provides hundreds of online classes that are available any time, anywhere.  Gaiamtv offers yoga classes plus healthy living classes, spirituality and nutrition coursework and more. Finally, YogaGlo lets you customize your yoga class based on your individual level, time preference (from five minutes to two hours), or even teacher preference.

Celebrity Fitness
If big fitness names such as Jillian Michaels or Denise Austin motivate you, then Lionsgate BeFit and BeFit Go, (for smaller screens) may be the perfect fit.  This site offers a huge array of exercise choices from Zumba based exercise classes to high intensity, fat burning cardio workouts, to yoga, abdominal workouts and more – some of which is free on YouTube.

Streaming fitness is a growing trend and one that is expected to explode in 2015.  They key is finding safe and reputable classes online.  Look for classes with certified and experienced teachers and credible programs.  It’s never been easier to find fitness online that fits with your schedule and interests.