There’s a whole new world of workout gear.  Exercise apparel now promises that you can wick, de-stink, and SPF your way to a healthier and more fresh-smelling you during and post workout. In fact, trademarked fabrics are now commonplace in the athletic clothing industry. What are to the go-to brands?  We break down some readily available selections, below.

Luon, courtesy of Lululemon, is the brand’s serious stretch and sweat tolerant fabric.  This means you can hit that hot yoga class and then perhaps go to lunch in your yoga pants without looking and feeling like a drowned rat.  People pay big bucks (around $100 for a pair of pants), and the company stands behind its nylon/lycra material.  They say Luon will not stretch, shrink or sag.  In fact, they once recalled pants, because they appeared too transparent.

Athleta has entered into the workout wear mix with Power Pilayo and Unstinkable.  The first, Pilayo, is their own form-fitting fabric that gives a smoothed out feeling.  The latter, Unstinkable, promises no smelling after sweating! The fabric is infused with silver salts that lend antimicrobial protection to your workout gear. If swimming or water sports are your exercise of choice, the UPF 50+Protection series includes lightweight, breathable fabrics that protect you from the sun, but you can use them for other workouts too.

UA Tech via Under Armour touts comfort and quick drying.  Anti-odor technology is also at work here, preventing the growth of those nasty microbes that can invade our gym clothes.  Water wicking comes into play too, as UA’s Moisture Transport System pushes water to the surface of your gear, so the band of your running shorts stay drier, longer.

Koral Active Wear, is a step into the future. They have three signature fabrics, and what they promise seems out of this world – from compression fabric that improves mobility and increases oxygen delivery to active muscles to help combat soreness… to having material that is anti-pilling and fade resistant. They have shiny, opaque workout wear that is as fashionable as it is comfortable.   The philosophy here: compress, support and smooth, all while being fashion forward.

So ditch your old shorts, and try these new fabrics that help you look and feel good from the workout to the healthy lunch you deserve.