Our skin is one very interesting organ.  When you’re young, your skin naturally renews or sheds itself every 25 days or so. As you age, that process slows down and can result in dull, dry looking skin, especially during and after winter! That’s where exfoliation comes in; exfoliation helps with cell turnover and creates smoother, healthier looking skin.

While the drug store has many exfoliation products, your own kitchen and panty hold the secret to skin success. Try these yummy organic options below.

Fresh Pineapple or Papaya Face Smoothie
Instead of chemically enhanced products with pineapple or papaya, these fruits in fresh form are skin saviors. Unripe papaya contains alpha hydroxyl acids and an enzyme called papian that can help dissolve dead skin. Pineapple has the enzyme bromelian, which helps remove skin and decrease age spots and wrinkles. Both of these tropical fruits, used together, are thought to help lighten dark spots as well.

Try this: Mix half cup of seeded and peeled papaya with half cup of fresh pineapple.  Mix in blender or juicer.  With a cotton ball, avoiding the eyes to prevent sting, rub on your face and neck. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.  Rinse and moisturize.

Sugar Scrub From Scratch
Sugar’s power is in its glycolic acid, which helps with new cell production and gets rid of the old, tired skin cells.  Sugar, mixed with oil or water, produces a spa worthy body exfoliation treatment.  If you are using oil, try a nut-based oil high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed or walnut oil, to further tighten and rejuvenate skin.

Try this: Mix two tablespoons of oil per single tablespoon of sugar. Scrub onto your body with a wash cloth. Rinse.

Breakfast Food Mask
Oatmeal is a good exfoliator for sensitive skin, and it’s in many products at the drug store. However, like food, it can be extra effective when fresh. Oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, and when mixed with yogurt and honey (also an anti-inflammatory), you’ll have a fresh mask.

Try this: Grind up oatmeal until fine, add honey and yogurt.  Scrub on face in circular motion and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse.

While commercial products can work for you, if you have the real deal at home, open your kitchen cabinets and exfoliate away for a more natural approach. It might also shed high priced skin care from your budget!