Positive thinking helps combat stress, and less stress means fewer ill effects on the body and soul.  Everyday, more and more research shows that to be true! So, pump up the positive, beyond talk of the glass half full, and try these six ways to be more positive today – right away!

Gratitude Journal
Write down five things you are grateful for every morning.  This could be as simple as appreciating the green tree outside your window to being thankful for your relationship with your partner, parents, or children.  According to gratitude experts, there’s science behind this action.  Gratitude is a mini daily celebration, which, even in the darkest of times, helps your health.

Hot Water Healing
Start the day with a mug of hot water.  The soothing effect of hot water on your digestive system and the comfort of a warm beverage, sans the caffeine from coffee, is a great way to start your day. Coffee can certainly come next, but try making hot water your immediate morning go-to drink.

Music as Motivation
Nothing can change a mood or frame of mind quite like music.  Studies show this is especially true when it comes to emotional and mental health.  Music impacts the body too.  Stress hormone levels, blood pressure and pulse all can be reduced with a good song or two.

Positive People Please
Surround yourself with positive people; their attitude is often contagious.  If you have energy suckers – or energy vampires – in your world, establish firmer boundaries so that their issues and approach to life does not bleed into yours.

Follow the Love
Do at least one thing you love everyday.  This doesn’t have to cost money or include a lot of coordination – something as simple as petting your dog, smelling your favorite scent, or biting into a delectable piece of chocolate.  The little things we love make life shiny and bright.  There is a physical reason to do this too; one study found that small positive experiences reduce inflammation within the body.  Chronic inflammation can lead to a host of health issues.

Smile and Stand up Straight
It’s hard to be negative with a smile on your face.  The actual act of smiling and standing tall, with shoulders back and posture poised, cues our emotional centers to follow suit, and we often feel happier.

Step up to the positive plate with these six strategies and feel the impact on your body and soul.