No matter how old you are, doesn’t September always feel like back-to-school time?

A fresh backpack and some new classmates always made you feel like you’re starting a brand new chapter each fall.

Maybe you’re not doing Algebra in the classroom anymore, but those fond back-to-school habits can be reimagined as adult learning moments to set us on a fresh, successful path. Take a good look at your work life and reinvent yourself at back-to-school time for a brand new life chapter – and more success – in the grown up world.

Then: Get School Supplies 

Now: Get Your Office In Order 

There’s no way you could do your homework back then if you had a bunch of distractions in the library (that’s why they’re quiet and clean). Today, a clear, organized space can boost productivity and improve your work performance. Scientists found that when your environment is cluttered, it negatively affects your brain’s ability to focus, according to a Princeton University study.

Give your office (or even home) a fall de-cluttering. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and you’ll ace your projects.

Then: Buy New Sneakers 

Now: Edit For Appropriate Wardrobe 

Back then a new, bright pair of sneakers (or jacket?) could put confidence in your step while you roamed the halls. As a professional, your wardrobe should be appropriate for your age and your job to make steps toward career advancement. Many studies show a first impression is priceless and can even increase your potential salary. To “fit in” on the job, don’t dress like a lawyer in a creative field, for example.

Clean out your closet by identifying what can make positive work impressions; select what you’ll wear, realistically, and donate the rest.

Then: Make New Friends In Class 

Now: Be Social for Wellbeing 

Just like your friends back then, your co-workers today can influence for better or worse.  Experts say selectively hang out with your team members outside of work to promote collaboration and overall success. Plus, having positive friends at the office can make your work environment happier and healthier, which helps you avoid burnout and stress.

Be social, but swap out toxic co-workers for ones that support you, personally and professionally.

Most importantly, no matter what age we are, do good work. You needed good grades back then to get into college. Now, doing good work can lead to a promotion, a dream job, and new opportunities in the classroom of real life.