Whine less and win more in 2016. You’ll discover more health and happiness, plus possibly realize your dreams!

Be Positively Productive

Persistent whining shrinks the hippocampus, a vital part of the brain for cognitive function and information retention. Problems with it can lead to brain cell death and boosted stress hormone levels, according to Stanford researchers. New research also showed constant complainers at work were less focused and unable to concentrate as well as colleagues with more solutions than gripes. Gravitate away from toxic co-workers toward the productive positive ones.  In other words, stay positive for more productivity.

Access Happiness

Decreasing your negative output also helps you have more happiness. You may find yourself laughing more often, loving more deeply, and living a life of gratitude – not bad attitude. You might also accomplish your goals more clearly, or get one step closer to realizing your dreams.  Try to make sure your goal is more like, “Get to bed earlier,” versus, “Don’t go to bed so late.”

Boost Your Health

Nudge out negativity for better overall health.  Research shows positive people are less likely to get colds, have a reduced risk of heart disease and are more likely to exercise! Great health can support your other positive benefits of productivity and happiness, too.

Detox Little By Little

If you want to start seeing the glass half-full, not half-empty, start one complaint, one statement, at a time to emphasize the positive, not the negative, side of life.

Negative: “Ugh!  This line is so long”

Positive: “Now I have a moment for meditation. Deep breath in; deep breath out.”

Negative: “My boss is such a jerk!”

Positive: “My boss is challenging, but this gives me an opportunity to hone my conflict resolution skills and learn to stand up for myself, or make a change.”

Negative: “It’s freezing outside, I hate the cold weather”

Positive: “I’m so grateful for my warm coat.”

Negative: “This traffic sucks”

Positive: “I’m blessed to have a car and a commute”.

Negative: “I hate long plane flights, and the airport security is beyond annoying!”

Positive: “I have amazing views of our planet and an opportunity to finally read my book in peace.”

You might also feel more empowered, versus drained, if you just go one week without complaining.  Try it and see how it changes your life.

Health, happiness, better focus, and greater productivity are waiting for you this year, so what are you waiting for? Detox your negativity, a little bit at a time, for big, positive change in your life.