If you want to bring out the best in yourself, take this big step: write down your goals. If you take the time to hone in on goals that you want to achieve now and in the long run, you can connect your actions to your purpose in life.

How does writing it all down make a difference?  Writing down goals helps you get clear on some critical steps to realizing life change.

Identify What You Need To Do
If you sit down and go through the process of thinking, then putting your thoughts on paper, you just might find yourself in the position of identifying goals you didn’t even know you had. If you’re a visual thinker, you can better wrap your mind around the plans needed to move toward your goals, which makes it easier to achieve them, simply because you’re more focused.

Add Perspective
Seeing goals in black and white allows you to figure out how to approach them. You might see them together and realize all of it either doesn’t work together or is too much to do all at once.  This perspective keeps your goals realistic, which helps you prioritize and understand them in your real life.

Keeps Them Top Of Mind
When life gets busy, having your goals written down helps you do a regular reality check. Are you on track? What did you do well? What needs some work? Put your goal list in a place where you can see them everyday. Or, if it works better for you, put them somewhere accessible and check them weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.   You won’t forget where you’re going, and you’ll be able to adjust your actions and time accordingly.

Increases Chances for Success
In one small study, 10 years after graduating together, students who had goals but didn’t write them down were making twice as much money as their classmates who didn’t have any goals. The three percent of students who did write down their goals were making 10 times as much as the other 97% of their class combined. Obviously, results may (and probably will) vary, but it doesn’t hurt to try what has worked for other, successful, goal-oriented people.

With just a pen and a piece of paper, you can get clear, visualize success, and let your goal setting lead you to the changes you want to see in your life.