Remember when you were a kid and you hung out with the kid who was always getting in trouble in class? Your reputation with the teacher suffered, and those moments did little to advance your academic career.

As an adult on the job, you need a great reputation to get ahead. Surround yourself with a few key types of people. It’ll make you look good, and you’ll be inspired to work at your best, too.

Here are three toxic co-workers to swap… for co-workers you should hang around with more often.

Swap: The Slacker
For: The Work Horse

The Slacker is that person in your office that doesn’t do work and takes a lot of breaks. Though he or she may entertain you with wonderful stories and an engaging personality at times, their work ethic could 1) rub off on you, and 2) drain you of productive time.

Be kind and courteous, but hang around with The Work Horse instead – the highly efficient, productive, and results-producing co-worker on your team. True, work horses can be stress cases, but being around them more will inspire you to be a little more productive in your projects.

Swap: The Gossiper
For: The Motivator

A lot of time and energy is wasted chit-chatting about what this person did, or what someone thinks might happen. Usually, The Gossiper in the office shares rumors to socialize, but those topics can breed negativity.

Choose to grab lunch with someone who is more of a visionary on your team – someone who has a great way of motivating others toward a common goal and is a little more senior than you. Observe how they work a room or connect with others to learn great people skills.

Swap: The Wallflower
For: The Advocate

The Wallflower in the office is like the old-fashioned wallflower at the dance, waiting around until something happens and saying very little to make it happen. Though sweet, this person will never speak up on your behalf.

Instead, find and connect with The Advocator in your office, the person who gets excited about what the company does and shares little victories with others. Sometimes, in a work environment, having someone else sing your praises can help your boss sit up and take more notice of your hard work.

It may seem like work just to find these people, but chances are, you already know who they are.  Make them your work allies, and you can be the best version of you on the job. You might even make a few true friends along the way.