Overbooked and a little anxious? Tame your tension with tea. Eastern cultures have always consumed tea for health and wellness purposes and the West is catching on. Just the act of pouring a cup of hot tea is calming, as it cues you to slow down and savor the sip. Try these anxiety-fighting teas to reduce the tension in your life.

Chamomile Tea
Besides helping you sleep, one study found that chamomile tea soothes your system by increasing the level of a specific amino acid that helps reduce muscle spasms.

Lavender Tea
Just a whiff of lavender seems to instantly calm the soul.  Science backs that up too.  Researchers discovered that college women had lower levels of insomnia and depression due to smelling lavender, so try a cup of lavender tea and inhale its aroma as you sip.

Lemon Balm Tea
Lemon balm is part of the mint family and can be a calming tonic of sorts.

Several studies indicate that lemon balm helps with everything from indigestion to helping people have a greater sense of calm in their daily lives.

Passionflower Tea
Passionflower is used for many medical reasons.  This plant certainly helps ease anxiety, it has been known to reduce mood swings and decrease levels of nervousness.

Valerian Tea
Valerian is the root of a fern like plant and is known to help with general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and sleep issues.

Black Tea
Research shows that good ol’ fashioned black tea lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and helps people recover from stressful events more quickly. Note that most black teas contain caffeine, which can do the opposite of calm you down.

Hot or Cold?
Hot tea is one hot commodity as it us packed with anti-oxidants that help your health.  Do iced teas measure up?  It can, depending on how it’s made.

The bottom line: experts suggest starting with hot tea, refrigerating it and then chilling the tea in the refrigerator to give you the best bet at gleaning the health benefits of hot tea in its iced form.

Finally, since herbs can have quite an impact, reconsider drinking everything in the teapot in one sitting.  Check with your doctor before you self-treat any condition with tea.  Meanwhile, enjoy a simple cup of tea to soothe yourself when you need it most.