Happy employees often mean a happy workplace.  Research shows that an employee’s feelings of well-being are big factor in employee satisfaction. For a healthier and more productive work place, ditch the conference room, restaurant, or bar for your next power meeting! Instead, boost employee well-being with these healthier alternatives.

Walk (or Picnic) in the Park
Take it outdoors.  An employee walk or picnic in the park gets employees out of the familiar surroundings and offers fresh air and a fresh perspective on workplace issues.  Get moving too.  A Stanford study found that walking increased employee creativity by 60%!

Infuse Friendly Competition
Remember the thrill of playground in grade school?  Playing a fun game of kick ball or four square?  Group exercise has many benefits, from being a social activity to upping the exercise ante with sense of friendly competition.  Boot camp, or spin classes are a great way to bond beyond the boardroom.

Take an Om Break
Slow things down when those long meetings get intense. Yoga or meditation during a meeting break allows employees moments of mindfulness.  New research has also found all those downward dogs are just as good for heart health as that group cardio class!

Cook Up Something To Eat
Feeling part of a group helps defeat workplace burnout and increase employee productivity according to research out of the University of Queensland in Australia.  Cooking classes that promote healthy eating and group collaboration may be the perfect workplace ticket.

Learn To Give to Others
Giving time and talent to help others has many health benefits.  When this is done via the workplace it helps with team building and time management skills.  It also helps develop stronger workplace relationships by building compassion toward others.

Think outside the office box, and build employee well-being one healthy step at a time.  It’s a win-win for all!