Have you ever watched someone perform an activity with deep concentration? It is fascinating to observe.

What allows people to have great concentration?

12 Qualities:

1. They are doing what they love to do.

2. They stay with it

3. They are not afraid to give themselves over to something completely

4. They relinquish distractions for a something that compels them deeply

5. They tolerate discomfort on the journey for a rewarding outcome

6. They embrace the challenges in the task because they find them intriguing

7. They know that if they commit and persevere they will triumph

8. They value thinking, contemplating and playing with possibilities

9. They uncover an energy within that carries them

10. They protect their time

11. They resume the task after being interrupted by developing a way to get back on track

12. They sleep enough


What if you have to concentrate on something in which you have no inherent interest?

8 Tips

1. Discover a way to like it

2. Practice it in discrete periods to develop a skill, which can make it pleasurable in the long run

3. Combine it with pleasure (coffee, music, comfortable seating)

4. Reward yourself for reaching the next step

5. View it as part of a larger goal.

6. Realize that you are training yourself in long-term gratification, a psychological skill associated with success

7. Challenge yourself to finish it fast and get it over with (this is ironically energizing)

8. Do it with company


1 Point:

“Happiness is a verb,” and concentration allows for delightful doing.

( The Art of Living: The Classical Manual on Virtue, Happiness and Effectiveness by Epictetus, interpreted by Sharon Lebell)