In your 40s, you’re on a personal path with a good idea of what rocks your world, spiritually. Your focus, once about taking it all in and figuring out what you want to be and do, is less about wide ranging exploration and more about soulful growth that is deep and enriching.

1. Deepen Your Commitments
By now you know where your passions lie and what type of interaction feeds you. Though you’ve given quite a bit of yourself before, this is a wonderful time to deepen your commitments to select causes and people. Giving back through good deeds is also good for your wellbeing.

2. Enjoy Living More Fully
Rather than worry about climbing the corporate ladder and the logistics of babysitting, you generally have more time and space to step back, stop, and breathe in life’s colors. Honor your ability to live more fully, and enjoy it. Be mindful of more moments; as you get older, each one is more meaningful.

3. Identify Your Unrealized Dreams
You may have already planted the seed and worked on career or raising a family in a big way, but there may be more you want to do in either realm. Ask yourself if there’s a dream you have within your life that could be realized if you shifted more attention in that direction? Hone in on how it could look with a dream board, perhaps. What’s in your life that is on the precipice?

4. Rebalance and Adjust
As you consider pursuing dreams that may be on the verge of becoming reality, you may also discover you may have neglected something because of time or circumstances. Reassess the path you’ve been on. You might switch gears entirely. Edit. Create a bucket list. What needs to go and what can you do, see, and be more of?

5. Make Choices Your Physical and Emotional Health
The truth is, you need to be a strong physical and emotional being to go after what you want in the years to come and to be fully present to enjoy it all. Your spiritual priorities should be supported and alive in a happy body and bright mind, so eat well, sleep, exercise, and stay involved in the communities that are important to you.

(This is the third in a five-part series; next month, 50-something priorities. Check out 20-something and 30-something priorities in Live Your Vie: My Soul/Spirituality.)