I’ll be honest, I’m a few years from turning 50, and I’m just starting to peel back the label on what this really means. What should I be doing in my 50s to keep growing and fulfill myself spiritually?  From my wise relatives and friends whose lives are enviable, I’m told it’s all about legacy and deepening your experiences to nourish your soul.

Here are 5 priorities I’m planning on for the years ahead, based on their sage advice:

  1. Focus on Family

Focus less on career ascension and money power, and more on family and personal wellbeing. Place more value on quality time with those you love. You’ll likely look back and remember those personal, special times a lot more than winning a battle at a board meeting. One survey found this gives your life greater meaning.

  1. Flourish In Your Knowledge

Find richer ways to apply your talent, skills, and wisdom. In your 40s, you might have felt the “midlife crisis,” or a sense of feeling lost about the next phase, but studies show you get an uptick in attitude when you hit your 50s, because you trust in your solid knowledge, gleaned over the years. Take that confidence and go for it.

  1. Give Back to Your Past

Along the path of your life, you’ve no doubt been supported by an organization or felt a connection to one. Give back to communities that have supported your growth, inspired you in some way, or are helping someone younger than you build a better future.

  1. Find Deeper Love

There is more space in your life to play and discover new things about your significant other. You’ve likely been through a lot together, which means you’ve grown in ways you may not have had time to understand or even discuss. How can that shape the wonderful years ahead? Make it a priority to find out and connect on a deeper level.

  1. Explore Your World

Generally, with older kids and/or fewer obligations to keep you homebound, the world is yours to explore! Regular travel into new places helps broaden your mind and change your global outlook.  Feed yourself with new, exciting, and interesting experiences that once were only dreams. Make them realities right now!

(This is the fourth in a five-part series; next month, 60 and 70-something priorities. Check out 20-something, 30-something, and 40-something priorities in LiveYourVie: My Soul/Spirituality, and share those with ones you love.)