Your life has been a full schedule of work, kids, and commitments for decades. In these years, you have plenty of time to be active and more freedom than any 60-something generation before you. But, what do you do with all this free time on your hands?

Here are 5 priorities to live out your 60s, spiritually fulfilled:

1. Stay Active, Stay Upbeat
Dancing, golf, or yoga – whatever you’re interested in, get out and move! Exercise keep your body vital so you can stay independent as long as possible, a key factor in being able to do the things you love, which in turn, helps keep your nourished, spiritually. Regular, even moderate, physical activity can also help manage stress and keep in a better mood, more often.

2. Pursue A Learning Passion
Activities that challenge your mind creatively and cerebrally help keep your brain sharp, boosting your ability to feel present and connected to the changing world. Explore a new, or deepen an existing, passion, such as painting, gardening, technology, or even a second career. You’ll be busy, happily. Here’s an online test to assess possible new activities.

3. Give Your Support, Get Happy
Choose an organization that you have supported in the past and give more. It might match your former career skills or allow you to spend more time in a place that always fed your spiritually, such as a museum, theater, or environmental group. Volunteering at a local hospital, library, or homeless shelter helps your immediate community, and there are even volunteer vacations for seniors.

4. Plan Partner Time
In a relationship and retired? You’ll be in each other’s personal space a bit more. Can you figure out a way to spend quality time together that supports both of you? You might also enjoy each other in a whole new way; the AARP shares that the 60s can be a satisfying, sexy time of life! If you are solo, seek out adults who have similar life situations to yours, and plan activities accordingly!

5. Be Grateful for the Past, Positive About the Future
You might feel isolated and lonely by a “now what” feeling, but trust that this moment will pass. Lock into the wisdom that got you this far, look back on your life, and add up all the wonderful experiences you’ve had (there are many), then, write down at least five things you’re looking forward to doing – like a summer vacation that feeds your soul – and enjoy life more than ever.

(This is the fifth in a five-part series. Check out 20-something, 30-something, 40-something, and 50-something priorities here, and share those with ones you love.)